Weekend Penalty Rates


A quick note to those who have some jimmys ruffled about the Sunday penalty rates slashed by to the Fair Work Commission.

From: https://www.facebook.com/LiberalPartyAustralia/videos/10154948403187464/

The Commission was instigated by the previous Labor government AND it was Bill Shorten whose review process and initial framework led to the pay cuts for some sectors today.

I am a bit jaded toward penalty rates anyway. While I was in school and then uni, I worked in retail and hospitality. This started my overall disgust with the human race. I never once received penalty rates for my work, not on public holidays or weekends, ever. My wage was set and “the price is the price.”

So I welcome the changes, with the thought of, “Hey, if they’re not being paid as much then they don’t need to charge as much, as business will drop if wages go down but prices don’t.”

Here’s my next point: constantly, the establishment is saying that Australia is no longer a Christian nation. So why is Sunday so important, that businesses need to pay employees more for working on a Sunday?

Society is a 24/7 deal in most Western countries (although not mainland Europe; they still believe in nothing being open on Sunday at all, ever!). David here at XYZ has his weekend on Wednesdays and Fridays; I take mine when I can.

Finally, if the jimmys are super ruffled and you want to have a whine and don’t want to learn how to budget, get a new job, and/or stop living above your means.