What shut down Holden?

Aussie icons. From TheMotorReport.

From an anonymous contributor.

Holden, the Aussie icon, has ceased manufacturing in its Elizabeth plant.

The MSM has placed blame on smug inner-city yuppies who prefer the European cars over the superior locally produced ones. But the MSM also have contempt for anyone who supported the local industry.

The MSM failed to mention the other reasons why Holden and previously Ford have stopped manufacturing in Australia: I blame it on the government and their left-wing ideas.

Climate targets and energy:

For the last 20 or so years, every year we have had more and more environmental restrictions slapped on. From the Kyoto protocol to the Paris Agreement and, while it existed, the carbon tax. Factories use energy to produce. Energy as we know is getting more and more costly. Energy is normally considered fixed or goes linear with production output. Since around 2006 (funny that..) production has been reducing as power prices have gone up. Power is so unreliable these days it’s no wonder they closed shop. Don’t forget, global warming doesn’t have an affect in China, so they’re free to manufacture as they wish..

Free Trade:

Since as long as I can remember, governments (both Labor and Liberal) love their FTAs. China is getting Australian raw materials (steel, gas, etc) extremely cheaply. They build stuff and sell it back to us at a profit, while our government charges tarrifs on imports. Holden’s raw material costs would have gone up substantially. Not to mention bulk discounts of foreign buyers and price increases locally to offset the lower volume purchased locally.

As a tribute to what was lost due to globalism, here’s a classic Holden ad to remind us of the greatness of our civilisation:

Government Apathy:

The biggest contributor to the demise of the automotive industry was the apathy of consecutive governments. They heard the warning signs for years since before Mitsubishi left. Nothing was done. A few years back my old man who used to work in automotive, said workers unions would regularly visit the plants, so they knew there was trouble ahead yet never spoke out for their members. It wasn’t just the car manufacturers, even their suppliers were affected – Australian Arrow moved to Japan and Bill Shorten visited Bosch to answer questions about the automotive industry. I was told he seemed to be more interested in what electorates the workers came from then the potential loss of their jobs.

Around the time of the GFC, Labor, supposedly the “party for the workers”, didn’t care about the jobs to be lost in automotive. Not then and not now. Instead they thought the best way to “stimulate” the economy was to offer tax incentives on business vehicles. This included any vehicle the purchaser wanted and included imported vehicles. I know of people who bought a $300,000 Aston Martin under an ABN for “business purposes”.

The threshold on the luxury car tax has consistently been raised, meaning more expensive European cars are no longer considered luxury.

Political Correctness:

Given all the anti-Australia sentiment going on these days, it must have played a part in the reduced sales of Holdens in Australia. I have heard people say that Holdens are “Bogan” cars. A brand new SS Commodore with the V8 (The Aussie icon) would have cost around $60000, HSV ranged up to $150K. Clearly the cars Holden was well known for required some level of success to obtain.

As we know, anything the left hates is considered uneducated or unsophisticated material. We’ve seen this all over the ABC when they interview the “far-right” and make a mockery of them.

Obviously, these Holdens are big manly cars. Something that can’t be allowed in a feminized world. In recent times Holden’s marketing department would have been filled by women, graduates from left-wing Media and Communications degrees. Superior quality Aussie workmanship and supporting the local industry was clearly not enough to sway the mainstream. The result: the consistent watering down of Holden’s distinct features, a good example being the big spoiler on the the SS which was replaced with the lip spoiler.

Bogan or not, I’m proud there is an XR6 in my driveway.

  • Just look at the car advertising.
    Squarely aimed at females. Little red fashionable noddy cars with the main feature being support for an Iphone, and the car comes in colors that match your dress and high heels.
    I guess the advertisers figure that females make the buying decisions. (usually correct if their partner is a cucked manlet).

    Give me a banshee screaming,roaring, rubber burning V8.

    *Donโ€™t need any cup holders for a half double,cinnamon twist, decaf soy latte pussychino,either.

    RIP Australian car manufacturing.

  • Earl Conner

    Globalism killed Holden. They aren’t Australian any more. Let’s kill them for good and move on.

    But yeah, if you’d like to reminisce, this advertisement still gives me man tingles:


    • Fantastic commercial, love it.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Loved the way there was not an illuminated fog light in sight.
      Everyone that uses foglights needs to go to SpecSavers!

  • Addelad

    Snobby toffee-nosed inner-city latte-sipping pseudo elite wannabe attitudes are killing all things once seen as quintessentially Australian. Holdens today, how long before football becomes soccer and meat pies are verboden?

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    The author feels like this bloke

    • Earl Conner

      Meh; real men drive stick.

  • Bikinis not Burkas


    “What shut down Holden?”
    Gough Whitlam, John Button and the Lima Declaration!
    I’m old enough to remember the start of the Goverments dumping on the Australian people, even before they started flooding us with Muslims who will eventually kill us like they killed the Buddhists of Afghanistan and are continuing to kill the Coptic Christians of Egypt where the U.N. sits by and does nothing to stop it and says nothing to stop it!

  • Adam Piggott

    “The biggest contributor to the demise of the automotive industry was the apathy of consecutive governments.”

    Rubbish. No mention in this article at all about the unions? Come on; they destroyed the automotive industry in this country, and aided and abetted by the spineless management who instead of standing up to the unions went begging and pleading to consecutive governments to bail them out from their total incompetence.

    I have never disagreed more with an article on XYZ.

    • belt fed 7.62mm

      Unions were mentioned. They were silent after their union visits to the plants.

      • Adam Piggott

        “A few years back my old man who used to work in automotive, said workers
        unions would regularly visit the plants, so they knew there was trouble
        ahead yet never spoke out for their members.”

        The quote is from the article and it is bullshit. The unions literally instructed management on what “decisions” they were required to take. They didn’t visit the plants. They were firmly ensconced inside. Management couldn’t take a dump without the unions giving them permission.

        • belt fed 7.62mm

          That’s a bloody disgrace. I’d believe that – the cfmeu has been know to threaten construction site managers. Those union bastards should refund all automotive workers who entrusted them.
          In most organisations, management is at the mercy of the unions – they were probably trying to appease the unions to prevent industrial action. Managers are soft-cocked appeasers.

        • John Sheppard

          This was covered a bit back in 2013, and I can’t imagine it would have improved since then! Unions have a lot to answer for regarding the demise of the car industry.


          “Holden and Toyota both say their manufacturing costs are about $3750 per car higher in Australia than in other markets… Manufacturing costs added $2000, mainly as a result of labour costs, which it said were double the cost per vehicle compared with European manufacturers, and four times the cost of Asia.”

          Now why would the labour costs be so much higher?

        • Yes. Same with Ansett.

  • LeftRightOut67

    No blame on the unions and workers themselves?

    SMH 15/12/13
    “The base rate for Holden production workers is about $80,000 a year. Add to that overtime and bonuses and Holden workers’ pay is well over $100,000. That compares with Australians working on modern awards whose base pay is in the $40,000 a year range.”


  • Shabbos Shekels

    I drive a Mercedes because I’m a Nazi

  • John Sheppard

    Proud owner of a Holden SSV Redline, and it is coming with me to my grave! I am expecting the “why did you get a V8” question to become more and more regular as time goes on and cars get more and more boring due to the focus being on reducing their impact on “climate change”, instead of just making an awesome car!

    • John, you are a lucky man. Can I borrow your car ??

      • John Sheppard

        Sorry JB, not until you can prove you know how to drive!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • belt fed 7.62mm


  • Robin of Hood

    In 1974 one car tolled GMs death knell, the Toyota Corolla (E30, E40, E50, E60; 1974โ€“1979) came as standard: radial tyres, front disc brakes, rear sway bar, push button radio (optional cassette player) and heater/demister.