White House Shooting: Is Media To Blame?


A man has been shot by US secret service agents close to the White House, causing Donald Trump to be briefly escorted from a press briefing.

From the Australian:

US president Donald Trump has been escorted from press conference, abruptly walking out of his coronavirus briefing while delivering his opening statement, after receiving a message from a Secret Service agent.

A shooting outside the White House forced Mr Trump to cut short the news conference as Secret Service agents whisked the president off the stage amid the security scare.

The Secret Service removed the president from the lectern back into the Oval Office shortly after the sound of two gunshots was heard nearby.

Minutes after, the president resumed his press conference in the media briefing room, telling reporters that a person had been shot by Secret Service agents outside the White House grounds, and the situation was “under control”.

“They just wanted to step aside for a moment to make sure everything was clear,’ Mr Trump said after resuming the press conference.

It is not yet clear why the shooting occurred. The victim is said to be on the way to hospital.

How could an environment be fostered in which someone may want to harm a sitting US President? We really have no idea.

None whatsoever.

It’s a mystery.

Somebody really should look into it.

Soon, maybe.

I just did some of the laziest googling I have ever done. The pattern is obvious and I have only gone back a few days in the news cycle. The media hates Donald Trump and incites hatred against him every day.

it is a weird spot to be in.  As Ryan Fletcher has pointed out, Donald Trump has actually enacted laws making it illegal to point out that the United States is actually the pawn of Jewish globalist bankers. Thus Trump is forced to act against so-called “white supremacists” while being constantly labelled a “white supremacist”.

A myriad of NGO’s and activist groups pursue the same strategy against social media giants Twitter, YouTube and Facebook; relentlessly denounce them as havens for so-called “racists” even as though the social media giants have been relentlessly purging so-called ”racists“ from their platforms for years.

Regarding Donald Trump, whether or not he genuinely represents Anglo interests in America, he represents the aspiration of Heritage Americans to simply survive in their own country. This is why an environment is fostered by the media in which black people can regularly assault, maim and murder white people and the media will merely label them “peaceful protesters”, and someone acted suspiciously enough in the vicinity of the White House to be considered a grave enough threat to get himself shot by secret service agents.

The Jewish bankers who own the media hate us. They want to wipe us out and steal our countries from us.