Why Conservatives Suck


We all know that progressive are hip and cool and are with the times, and that conservatives, well, suck.

But why do conservatives suck so much?

The great thinkers down the ages have pondered this very question:

“Why do conservatives suck?”

Bill Whittle gives you the in depth analysis and explains why conservatives suck so much.


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Jeremy Morgan
Jeremy has worked as a kitchen hand, labourer and in policy development, and now prefers to focus his energies working with refugee and other disadvantaged communities. He enjoys boxing but isn't very good at it, and is a professional insomniac. Jeremy will know that he has "made it" when his opponents refer to him as a "pseudo-intellectual."
  • Konstantin

    Well, the man is completely right, if we consider only student whom he mentioned. He objects to the fact that has to pay fees at one of the colleges, but it will not object later when this acquired knowledge will be paid. Is it so? If he is more into a socialist model where the education was free, it’s really nice. But one must keep in mind that in socialism payment was equal for everyone. Well, let’s take an example of any socialist state where medical schooling is free but later salary of a MD does not exceed more than $ 1000. In the same time, in capitalist countries tuition is several tens of thousands of dollars but later earnings may exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    • If you can confidently pay back your loan, then there’s not really in issue – to borrow from another comment made today – this would be ‘good debt’ that increases your earning capacity over time.

  • Thanks for your comments, Konstantin.

    I’ve copped some flack for posting the Bill Whittle video, but I reckon he sums up the issue really well.