Why do you think the Government is constantly reducing speed limits?

It looks as though there are a lot of sensible drivers out there.


I as a grumpy petrol head have cast my vote. My favourite question was “Why do you think the Government is constantly reducing speed limits?” $$$ of course!

Anyway, if you’re like me and think the extreme nanny conditions we are forced to drive in are a joke, go make yourself heard. Obviously, nothing will come of it because governments love fines and taxes, but it’s nice to have a voice sometimes.

The accelerator is on the right!

Photo by Mark Morgan Trinidad B

  • W. Hunter

    Alas….Grumpy. The link goes to a 404 Error page.

    The big gubbermint money spinner on our roads these days are the point to point speed cameras.
    Bloody robots.

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    GM, what is your take on electric cars? Are they the future as my Uncle Bonkers Bananas suggests? Will the sound of a rumbling, smooth as silk V8 disappear from the fabric of bogan society?

  • Speed limits are draconian and designed for nothing but revenue.

    Our governments literally treat us as their property.

  • Ron Mortimer

    The NSW govcorp scored a half a billion dollars in traffic fines last year. Does anyone think that they will ever give that up? If everyone obeyed to law then the laws would have to be changed to induce more law breaking.

    Another aspect is constantly changing speed limits on a road, often in rapid succession. Perhaps i am alone in this, perhaps not, but after ten different speed signs in a few kilometers I sometimes have no idea what speed I should be doing…perhaps that is their plan?

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    The road rules are there to keep everyone safe and to stop you and I paying for ongoing medical bills when people break themselves or someone else.
    If everyone obeyed the road rules,
    the roads would be a lovely place to be,
    there would be no deaths or injuries,
    panel beaters would go broke
    and so would the Governments that rely on the stupidity of people. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5e0fbbc29fda02b017549152c7b972a564e1edff19c20773f1fd146e7c7cd528.jpg

    • John Sheppard

      One of the problems is that a drivers licence is now considered a right, not a privilege. So as a result, some people who really should not have a licence end up with one and cause things like that picture you posted.

      Oh and drink driving is also something speed limits have no bearing on. And a drunk driver is unlikely to follow speed limits anyway, so again what is the point of punishing the rest of us for the stupidity/ignorance of a small minority?