Why I am a civilisationist


Recently Lucas Rosas and Mattys ModernLife wrote on the question of white nationalism, ethno-nationalism and whether the US alt-right movement is the way forward for anti-Marxists in Australia.

This is something a lot of people are grappling with at the moment as we navigate this period of ideological chaos and political turmoil. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about too, particularly since the Antifa hate campaign against me told pretty much everyone I’ve ever associated with that I’m literally Hitler.

Antifa are so damn gay
At least I’m not a damn commie.

We’re all familiar with this type of hysteria from the left since the US election. There is just as much turmoil, however, in the emerging movement from the right. Professor Jordan B Peterson, of whom XYZ has been a long-time supporter, made a profound impact upon Western youngsters when he emerged from the frozen tundra like a starving Yeti to tell us to clean our rooms. His Bible series on YouTube is particularly outstanding.

Recently, however, many members of the alt-right have turned on the good prof due to his avid opposition to what he considers collectivist forms of identity. He’s an individualist, and like many in the alt-lite tent he considers any form of ethnic nationalism to be equivalent to Nazism. Like me, he’s clearly concerned with what’s ahead as the Weimar West unravels in the coming years.

I understand how the prof, and those in the alt-lite who agree with him, arrived at their conclusions. Preventing a repeat of the horrors of the 20th century in the 21st is not a trivial concern, bucko.

There is also always a great danger with nationalism that historically literate people are aware of. Nationalism is like nuclear energy; a massive force which can be used for constructive purposes to great benefit or hijacked by psychopathic regimes to bring about mass death. Those who dismiss such concerns are ignorant of history or, on some level, seem to want the bloodshed. It’s creepy.

It wasn’t ethnic nationalism itself which caused the Holocaust, however. It was those utopian political ideologies which animated the mass movements of Bolshevism, Nazism, Maoism and Juche in North Korea.

Racism didn’t kill millions over the last century. Governments did, operated by fanatics and opportunists who believed that by capturing the power of government they could use it to engineer the perfect society for their class or their race. Instead they opened the gates of hell.

The siren-song of utopian political idealism, such as we hear from Antifa and the neo-Nazis they’re searching desperately for, has killed enough people already. It’s the last thing we need.

Many in the alt-lite sphere also seem convinced that if you embrace any form of ethnic nationalism you immediately become someone who hates other races. That’s just not true. The non-white world is comprised of billions of ethnic nationalists, most of whom are perfectly fine with other ethnicities as long as they don’t flood their country or work against its interests from the inside. It’s the demographic replacement and response to perceived threat, not ethnic identity per se, which causes the bloodshed.

That being said, what Lucas Rosas wrote about ‘white nationalism’ being a toxic label from a failed fringe movement is correct. Now before you fashy goys flame me in the comments, ask yourself something.

Do you want to win?

Because if you do, any association with the label ‘white nationalism’ is going to prevent that. This is why the establishment infiltrate movements such as Antifa and the neo-Nazis. The elite want to associate any real movement from the right with white nationalism, because they know what image comes into normie’s minds when they hear about it. The elite know because they created that image.

Kiwi Nazi Russell Crowe
This propaganda is Goebbels-tier.

I have seen firsthand how agitators infiltrate movements from the right and begin purity-spiralling, causing division and making the group so fringe it can never achieve anything useful. They also push the group toward a cult-like structure which sees violence as the ultimate expression of political will.

Not smart.

Whether they realise it or not, these fanatical ideologues serve the interests of the establishment, and honestly most of them are bloody losers who’ve never accomplished anything in their lives and are compensating by larping as Adolf. You could call them useful idiots if they weren’t so useless.

So if white nationalism is too toxic and not fit for purpose, is the civic nationalism of the alt-lite the way forward for the movement?

I don’t think so. Civic nationalism, the belief that a nationalist movement can be based on common values and culture, is not nationalism at all. It’s also a form of pseudo-nationalism which only white people seem to have to have.

There are no ‘Australian values’, alt-lite. Sorry. Every country has some form of mateship, and some idea of a fair go. You are talking about universal human values, and a civnat movement would be completely compatible with the neoliberal agenda to flood Australia with tens of millions of Asians to keep house prices high for the gerontocracy as long as those Asians can speak a bit of English.

No thanks.

Australia is Australia because it was built by Australians, a race of people fused from the British Isles and forged through hardship and war into a people as racially and culturally unique as the Tibetans, Koreans, Haitians and Israelis.

I don’t believe this because I want to believe it. Civic nationalism is a much more comfortable belief system in the current culture. It has cost me to express such a view. I believe it because it’s true. What the alt-right get right is that demographic replacement is collapse; it’s how civilisations end.

Civilisations have been conquered and ruled for centuries and not disappeared. Just ask your Greek mates. They survived centuries of brutal Turkish rule because they never forgot who they are. What ultimately makes a civilisation disappear from the webpages of history is their failure to reproduce themselves and their replacement with other, more vigorous groups.

A country can tolerate foreigners living in its borders, particularly if those foreigners are supportive of the dominant group’s culture and language (which most immigrants to Australia have been until recently). No nation, however, can tolerate demographic replacement without there occurring a dangerous and violent backlash from those being replaced. This has occurred throughout history whenever economic conditions turn down and tribalism intensifies.

It’s my view that what we are seeing with the rising nationalist sentiment in Australia is the beginning of that reaction.

So this leaves us in a quandary. Nationalism is rising, and needs somewhere to go that is healthy and constructive rather than toxic and malignant. It must be channelled into a movement that rejects totalitarianism, state control and morbid hatred while still being an expression of the sovereign Australian people. If we are to fix the country, it must also break the shackles of control which have been placed upon Australians while we slept by a neo-Marxist elite who hates us.

So this brings us back to where we started and the question of where we go from here.

What are we fighting for?

And, by extension, what are we therefore fighting against?

These are questions which have consumed my thinking for years now as I’ve navigated my way out of the mental quicksand of cultural Marxism and sought to find a true and real framework for understanding the world that works for us rather than against us.

My answer is that we are fighting for Christian civilisation itself. The past 500 years have seen such human flourishing across the world, led by we Western Europeans, because we aligned ourselves with reality and strove for the stars. Beloved alt-lite values such as liberty and individualism were part of this, but were moderated by a Christian faith that reminded us that service of others and duty to God, community and family are utmost for a fruitful life. The men of the West who conquered and civilised the world weren’t civic nationalists. They knew who they were, and from that knowledge were able to relate to others on just terms. This benefited the entire planet.

To revive this tradition it is clear to me that we must therefore revive a healthy, constructive, moderate and proportionate form of ethnic nationalism. This is what has been under attack since the Second World War, and is what frightens our enemies the most.

Calling such a movement ‘nationalist’ in any form is probably counterproductive, however, as it brings in so much baggage about racism, genocide and oppression that communicating about the movement to the normies would be impossible. We need fresh terms based on fresh thinking but rooted solidly in reality. What can unite such a movement is a knowledge of what and who we are fighting.

We are fighting against Marxism. The common thread behind government tyranny, the anti-white agenda on campus, the destruction of the family and the collapse in Christian morality has been Marxism. It’s the enemy.

Our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but with the powers and principalities of Western Marxism. That’s the fight we need to win. Although I describe myself as an ethnic nationalist if asked, I don’t hate foreigners. I quite admire the cultures and peoples of Asia. They are at a stronger stage in their cycle than we are at the moment. We can learn from their ways, such as their emphasis on family, their personal humility and their acceptance of plain truths. We used to be like that before we succumbed to decadence.

If one of us, however, moved to an East Asian country, learned the language, married a local and had kids, would those kids be Korean or Japanese? Not fully, no. They’d be accepted into the society, sure, but those societies will never change the face of their nation just to accommodate the feelings of the children of foreigners. We must do the same, and although non-white allies who support our cause should be accepted we must never tolerate Western European Australians losing our absolute demographic majority. Such a thing happening is a sure-fire path to chaos.

Some in the alt-lite would agree with this argument, but say that it’s already too late and Australia already has too many foreigners now for demographic restoration to occur without atrocity. I don’t believe that’s the case. If we had a government with an explicit interest in maintaining a certain ethnic balance, we could achieve it. Singapore, for example, has retained a 76% Chinese majority for decades through prudent immigration measures. Western Europe is experiencing a barbarian invasion, and there are other white minorities such as the Boers who seek refuge. Bringing those people here could bring us closer to demographic stability quickly.

Based Lee Kuan Yew
Lee Kuan Yew did nothing wrong.

Changing our immigration policy back what it was prior to the late 60’s would make a start on demographic repair, and those immigrants would assimilate much more easily than the subhumans we’re getting from Apex Gangland at the moment. Sending incompatibles such as them and the angry Ahmed Allahu Snackbars back home would help as well.

Chimping out
Let’s have a postal survey on the Brown Australia Policy.

Ending income taxes, changing attitudes toward family formation and gender roles and restoring national pride could also restore Western European demographics within a decade or two. It can be done in a constructive, humane and dignified way without any need for atrocity. We’re not Nazis, after all.

The real and supposed crimes of we men of the West have been so exaggerated and magnified by the left that we’ve been demoralised. We’ve been driven by existential despair to civilisational suicide. We stopped striving for greatness, and became decadent and corrupt.

Only a return to reality and submission to the truth will salvage what’s left of the West in this sunburnt country. Failure to do so will ensure that future generations will look back and marvel at our hedonism, weakness and failure to hold onto what was given us. It will be a cautionary tale to not let the cycle of conquest, decadence and collapse happen to them. They will warn their children to not allow the same to happen again.

Whether they will speak in English or in some post-English pidgin is up to us.

  • Craig

    What would be the best approach, on how to neutralize corporational influence in politics, banking, universities, education and media? This is the neo-liberal economic and cutural Marxist political feedback loop, which is plotting our Western civilisations current trajectory.

    Greed is a powerful sin, particularly when it’s coated in sentiments of helping the world in a god like manner. Or as the Jewish would say Tikum olam. The best intentions always have the most unfortunate unintended consequences. I think this happens when thoughts are based in utopian ideals rather then realism.

    This is a tall order, when you see what we are up against, it really is David Vs Goliath.

    This is why I pray the mini Ice age will come between 2025 and 2035, as greedy men will tremble, and hopefully better men will step up and take there place.

    This is why China and Russia will rise, as there leaders seem to be based in realism rather then virtue signalling utopianism.

    • Will

      And yet, neither China nor Russia has ever really amounted to much without the West to copy or exploit. We need a little more self-belief.

      • Cate.

        Russia is serious, and rational. (Maybe they could do with more sun.) And they’ve lived through Bolshevism. I would rather have them fly in and ‘conquer’ us than anyone else on this planet right now.

        • I’m with you on that.

        • Addelad

          Sure! Ask the German peoples of E Europe how nice Ivan was in 1945. Your comment belies a great deal of ignorance about history.

          • Cate.

            Oh mate. You can’t let me go hey?
            I wasn’t referring to Russia 1945 >> booby-trapped by Stalin who did a shifty.
            I’m talking about Russia today Hombre. N a t i o n a l i s m. Yeehaaa.
            You seem like a nice fella.

  • Shabbos Shekels

    Peterson is a typical self centered anti-White Zionist boomer and a traitor who needs to be thrown out of a helicopter.

    Case closed!


  • Shabbos Shekels

    “It wasn’t ethnic nationalism itself which caused the Holocaust, however.”

    There was no “Holocaust” only a collapse caused by (((Allied))) carpet bombing of infrastructure and cities, anybody with half a brain knows the six gorillian is bullshit, stop spreading lies OP!


  • David……I stopped reading as soon as you mentioned the “Holocaust”.
    All credibility lost……….as XYZ writers drift further left.

  • Shabbos Shekels

    This whole article reads like you want to appease the kikes and their communist and Muslim attack dogs, not win a war for the survival of the Aryan Race!

    The ONLY way we are going to win is by being as organized and utterly ruthless as our enemies and being completely unapologetic about what we stands for, we ARE “Nazis” aka National-Socialists, the sooner you LARPing faggots stop trying to run from what you are to appease the enemy and embrace it, the sooner we can gas the kikes and race war now.

    It’s time to teach the real version of history and red pilled reality to people and not the kosher approved lies and propaganda forced on us b y the (((eternal enemy))) over the last 70+ years, time to own what we are and do so unapologetically, the #WhiteGuilt meme and cucking to the Jew has run its course, nothing great was ever achieved by caring about the opinions of your enemies, only violently resisting them at any cost – WE DEMOCRACY NOW!


    • Aryan is not a useful racial category, at all. No-one identifies as Indo-European. It’s obscure and meaningless to everyone outside your clique. You mean ‘white’. And moreover racial identity is bullshit. Australians are not Latvian, or Polish, or Russian. Ethnic identity is far more meaningful to people as it also incorporates language, faith and culture.

      Your pan-white ideology also would have been laughed at by your NatSoc heroes. The Nazis were Teutonic German supremacists. They were German nationalists whose ideology called for the displacement of (white) Slavs.

      The full-frontal approach you’re obsessed with is why ZOG has been winning since World War II. Use your brains for once. I want to win. You guys keep being edgy and ideologically pure while you help hand the country over to the Marxists. The rest of us would like to take the country back. That means convincing people and leading them, not chasing them away with 14/88 bullshit.

      • Shabbos Shekels

        You’re clearly a shill and not to be taken seriously, fuck off back to Reddit you cucky loser, we’ll take the West back without you, and no I mean the ARYAN MAN, the UBERMENSCH, the PAN-EUROPEAN NATIONALISTS who’s descendants will retake our homelands one at a time after we have established the ethnostate, just as the German Reich intended. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/938901ca49395bb5638c3b1656f9dd2bae621037174d159a78bb2a5857f6518a.png

      • Caitlin1488⚡️⚡️

        “That means convincing people and leading them, not chasing them away with 14/88 bullshit.”

        Hmmm, do you really mean that ?

      • Moishe-the-Beagle

        “Racial identity is bullshit.”

        Your reasoning to this conclusion does not stand up.

        – conscious white identity has been around for probably a couple hundred years. White racialists, as distinct from ethnonationalists, were common in the early 1900s. Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, Alfred Deakin…and Hitler, BTW. Read Mein Kampf and you’ll see. An example would be his condemnation of France for occupying the Rhineland with African troops, or his refusal to believe that Britain would fail to make common cause with her racial brethren. The phrase “the white world” came into currency in the colonial period. That’s how we got a white Australia policy, you know.
        – you think racial identity and ethnonationalism are mutually exclusive. they’re not, and you don’t explain why you think they are.
        – the argument you are using is deployed to divide and conquer the white world. Consider whether such division really helps anyone except our enemies. And listen to the latest Daily Shoah for more on the subject.
        – race is real, and it matters. It matters intrinsically because your race is your extended family, and it matters extrinsically because it’s the basis of culture and racially homogeneous societies are happier. When you try to replace it with culture, you start talking nonsense and grasping at straws like “western civilisation” which no one can really define, and Christianity, which most of your countrymen no longer believe in.

        I hope you will think about this.

        • Firstly, I was responding to this bulllshit about the ‘Aryan’ race. No-one except those on the WN fringe identify with that term at all. Using it aids ZOG.
          My argument is that, if we are to win the country, we have to abandon this obsession with white nationalism. There is no way a mass movement in Australia will ever be animated by a white nationalist ideology. You can have implicit whiteness in your ideology, but it cannot be a part of your rhetoric. Anyone who thinks otherwise cares more about ideology than winning.
          White racialism of the type you are talking about was a new world phenomenon. Hitler detested it, and cherrypicking references to the occupation of the Rhineland doesn’t alter that. One of the reasons Hitler didn’t fear the US was he saw it as a bastard mish-mash of mongrel races. By the early 20th century, this was true, and white nationalism was developed in response to the pan-European mixing which occurred in the US (to great resistance) during the 19th century.
          We Anglo-Saxons are German. Look it up.
          Race is a component of ethnicity. There is much more to a person’s identity than their phenotype. This obsession with racial identity is what is divisive. If the alt-reich were willing to be strategic for once they’d see that putting racial identity and NatSoc references front-and-centre is exactly what ZOG would want.
          Race is not the basis of culture. This is a reductive, materialist and ultimately modern worldview. Put down Mein Kampf and read more Evola. Draw on the principles of fascism and NatSoc, rather than trying to directly import them. I’m not ‘replacing race with culture’. I’m not alt-lite. I said we need to restore our ethnic identity. What we also must do is come up with fresh ideas and new terms if we are to break through the conditioned resistance of the Australian public. When I see the larpy bullshit being posted here in the comments constantly, I see people working against the interests of the movement, not for it.
          People know exactly what Western civilisation is. Esoteric philosophies based on the Indo-European migrations, not so much.

          • Moishe-the-Beagle

            I can see we’re not going to agree. Just a few of corrections though.

            – I’m neither a materialist nor a reductionist. In fact, I think you are being reductionist in the opposite direction by reducing identity to less than the full significance of race in the Evolian sense.
            – I don’t go on forums and talk about Evola, of whom I am a student, because his work is esoteric and not as useful for propaganda as the relatively simple talking points I gave you. We are both concerned with the combination of (a) what is true, and (b) what will work in the struggle.
            – I mentioned Hitler only to corrrect your one-sided characterisation of him. I agree that we should shut up about the Nazis and avoid nazi imagery. You must be confusing me with someone else.

        • Karen Dwyer

          What’s a Yank like you doing in a place like this?
          You aren’t Australian, so why do you care what we Australians do with our own country.

          Two RHETORICAL questions for you, as you join the other cardboard cutouts in the blocked pile.

          • Moishe-the-Beagle

            My race is my nation, you silly cow.

  • entropy

    You don’t win by capitulating at the first obstacle.

    David, when you espoused white nationalism, they called you a Nazi. You think hiding behind a term like ‘civilisationist’ is going to stop them from calling you a white nationalist and, by extension, a Nazi?

    Let us know how that works out for you.

    As I said in response to Lucas’s article:

    “I agree that Nazis are stupid. I disagree that white nationalist means Nazi.”

    If we cede control of language to the left, we’ve already lost half the battle. We’ve seen this with confected victimhood labels like ‘homophobia’ and ‘Islamophobia’, where any criticism of these groups is automatically couched in terms of fear and bigotry.

    That’s not how you win.

    The correct response to suggestions that white nationalism is racism is to, in turn, accuse the accuser of being racist against whites (albophobic) and to point out their demonstrable hypocrisy in not attacking non-white ethnic nationalist movements.

    The facts are on our side. Nationalism is not just okay, it’s necessary for nation building.

    • Shabbos Shekels

      Well we know you’re a Jew already, so of course you’re going to say “muh Nazis are stupid” despite the fact they were the most advanced civilization on Earth in under ten years of taking power eventually putting man in space and launching the jet age among other great achievements including eradicating unemployment and removing ZOG and creating the best living standards in the world for their people when the rest of the world was living through the (((Great Depression))) caused by your tribe’s usury and market manipulation in order to create the Federal Reserve System, otherwise the rest is pretty accurate.

      • entropy

        And we already know that you have severe mental problems.

        Real Nazis would have gassed you at the first opportunity. They took a dim view of the disabled, and a dimmer view of posing simpletons who’d expose the myth of Aryan supremacy.

        • Shabbos Shekels

          No I have no mental health problems, mental health problems are predominantly your tribe’s primary disorder caused by generations of inbreeding.

          Nobody was gassed in National-Socialist Germany, so no, they wouldn’t have Moshe, nice try though.

          Nobody said anything about (((Aryan Supremacy))) you hooked nosed Chosenite, the only race who thinks they are the chosen master race of the creator deity of the entire Universe is you assholes, it’s one reason among many why you degenerates have never assimilated anywhere, ever, at any time, and think you have the right to exploit and destroy and rule over the goyim.

          I am the one who knows what you are, merchant, and I go to see that you are forever banished to your ethnostate wasteland you Chosenites love so much never to rise again as a world power, I’m the one who fights for the freedom of all races, which starts by freeing ourselves from the vice like grip of you Zioberg-Communist scumbags and ending your Federal reserve System, I’m the one who knows how the World Government works, where its headquarters are, and who runs it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/257c5ce3da7053891e141e5ee8877816c7667b6debe7cad97ba8fe64834e965c.jpg


  • “Racism didn’t kill millions over the last century”.
    Obviously the holocaust, which slaughtered millions of people of one particular ethnic/religious identity was a figment of our imagination.
    “Australia is Australia because it was built by Australians, a race of people fused from the British Isles and forged through hardship and war into a people as racially and culturally unique as the Tibetans, Koreans, Haitians and Israelis.”
    Go and take a look at the stats for the cultural and ethnic origins of contemporary Australia – http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Previousproducts/3412.0Main%20Features32014-15?opendocument&tabname=Summary&prodno=3412.0&issue=2014-15&num=&view=
    “My answer is that we are fighting for Christian civilisation itself”.
    Funny that. Only a little over half of the Australian population actually identify as Christian – http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/mediareleasesbyReleaseDate/7E65A144540551D7CA258148000E2B85?OpenDocument
    Somebody has asked you the wrong question.
    It would be a good idea to touch base with reality before you write pieces like this.
    You’d stand a better chance of being relevant…….

    • Shabbos Shekels

      The (((Holocaust))) is pure kike propaganda to cover up the crimes of the (((Allies))) and the Holodomor among others.

      Christian civilization used to be known as Christendom is an idea, not necessary a belief system you JIDF shill motherfucker.

      (((Contemporary Australia))) is a bullshit social construct of your tribe (see what I did there Herschel) and does not represent what Australia is, Australia is a people, not an idea.

      You’re getting deported to the East again, Moishe, pack your bags the Promised Land awaits you!


    • John Sheppard

      I am not so sure on your comment about racism being the driver behind the holocaust. Similar to Islam, Judaism is not a race, so anytime someone is targeted due to their religion, screaming racism is just plain wrong.

      Australians who have been here for many generations from British and Irish heritage are now what makes up what I believe David refers to as the Australian race. While there are many other ethnic origins out there, that multi-generational group is what makes up the foundation of this great country, and is constantly under attack for it.

      The fall in Christian identify is part of the problem this country is having with decadence and narcissism now replacing it. It won’t end well. While less and less people identify as Christian, it gives even more reason to fight for it as it is what Western Civilisation is based on. Without Christianity, the West will be lost.

  • belt fed 7.62mm
  • Mattys Modern Life

    Enjoyed this one mate, good stuff.

  • Robbie Jones

    There was a long season in histroy where God gave the church a cultural sway and prominence in the leadership of nations. It ensured that a large portion of the world was about as safe and prosperous as it was ever going to get.

    As much as I would like Christianity to shape the culture like it once did, I’m pretty convinced those days are over and it’s because God is doing something new.

    God’s endgame is well underway in my opinion and that means the great end time harvest is coming – a harvest brought about by intense and increasing pressure, between nations and within them, culminating in antichrist, a man leading an empire that will likely exhibit all the very worst traits of the communists and national socialists along with an unprecedented sway over the Islamic world.

    The bible is all about the Middle East. That’s where God’s chosen land is and that’s where his enemies have always gathered against him and his people. This is where the final confrontation between Jesus and the nations will take place. Before that day, we will see incalculable bloodshed and I think those pushing for nationalism in any form will be severely disappointed when, despite their sincere hopes and intentions, the people leading those movements turn out to be the same racist eugenicists that are leading the Marxists, still employing the age old tactics of genocide to solve their problems and make life “better”.

    My guess is that will be God’s wake up call that every nation is a sinking ship and that its time to abandon ship.

    As usual, time will tell.

    On a side note, the belief in race inevitably leads to the belief in the superiority of ones own race. Not for every individual of course but at least in government, which is usually enough to begin the march to war. The bible, however, consistently declares that humanity is ONE unified race made in God’s image though divided on the basis of language (not biology) at babel for the purposes of limiting and delaying evil. Nations served a good but limited purpose that was superseded when the church came into effect, where identity is to be found in Christ rather than nation, sex, or social position. It was this very spirit that civilised human nature but again, it’s unlikely that it will find the prominence it once had at a civilisational level ever again.

    • Caitlin1488⚡️⚡️

      How do you dare to speak of God’s endgame ?
      What gives you a special dispensation ?

      • Robbie Jones

        I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. (John 15:15)

        It’s called the Bible.

        It lays the whole plan out pretty clearly, if you will accept it.

        But nice attempt at trolling me. I appreciate a good trolling.

        • Craig

          Do you go to church?

          Full of old people and single mothers with multiple children.

          Why can’t the church find young men to marry up to these single mothers with children?

          The last pastor I spoke to was proud of his childless daughter, who was currently living it up working on a cruise ship at the age of 45. He was offended when I stated I’d rather have grandchildren that look similar to me. His wife agreed with me and was very sad…

          Another pastor I know of is promoting diversity in his church, yet still full of old white people. The diversity for some reason form churches for there own race, they don’t want to mix with white people who don’t want to mix with them. who wud of thunk it. lols

          • Robbie Jones

            I am the church.

            Yes, the church is filled with those people. The West is worshipping at the altar of narcissism and hedonism and only the desperate people are there.

            Imagine what a Third World War will do though? I think most people on this website can see that this war is coming. The question is will we help enact it so we can build an earthly kingdom or will we prepare to receive its victims and build the heavenly kingdom?

            The bible talks about a great end time harvest at the end of the age and it makes it pretty clear that the context that drives people to Christ will be ceaseless global conflict. Nothing like a world war to shake everyone out of their hedonism and idol worship.

          • Craig

            As I said, overconfidence before the fall.

            God makes those crazy before the fall.

            3rd world war will be blamed on the monotheist religions, being Christianity is majority dead in the white mans world, most of the blame will befall Islam and Judaism.

            Karma. One thing I like about the Hindu’s, they call it like they see it, agreeing that Judaism is adding to the kali yuga as a dark force. If you can’t convince miscegenated Indians, what chance to convince the rest of the non-white world to commit to your lunacy?

            Ethnic Christianity will build after such a 3rd world war.

            Which hopefully your lunacy doesn’t befall us.

          • Robbie Jones

            What lunacy?

      • Craig

        It will be funny when the diversity churches hold a synod to ban dispensation of Christian Zionism.

    • Noachideous
  • Moishe-the-Beagle

    “My answer is that we are fighting for Christian civilisation itself.”

    Face palm.

    Australians are no longer Christian. You’re saying, what? That we have to tie ourselves to a dying religion as s precondition for keeping our race in some sort of implicit, diluted way?

    Too complicated, mate. You talk about propaganda, but forget the most basic rule of it. It has to be simple enough for the average person to understand. I don’t think even you understand what you’re on about here.

    So we can’t have nationalism because of romper stomper? I reckon that movie has probably made more WNs than it’s prevented. But anyway, fine, call yourself an Australian nationalist, and just explain, when asked, that non-whites are incompatible with that.

  • Fickbowt

    You’re not a civilizationist, you attack the foundations of western civility; liberal secular egalitarian democracy. That’s the whole purpose of this website, 4chan and the alt-right.

    P.S Australians aren’t a race, and your movement is not rising (thank fuck).

    • Karen Dwyer

      If “fuck” is your highest standard, then you live a life devoid of beauty, joy, and grace. They are neither in your vocabulary nor your experience.

      You are merely a dead man walking … in a fog …. to destruction.

      Of two crucified thieves, which one would you choose to be? The one cursing and railing right to the end?

      Or the other one?

      • Addelad

        Surely to somebody of your erudition and understanding, you have come to the inevitable conclusion that this blogsite has become a cesspit of some very dumb, ignorant and self-obsessed onanists? I try bloody hard not to bother answering, but, like you, I just can’t resist sometimes.

        • Karen Dwyer

          Unfortunately, “Binging” (which doesn’t have the same ring as Googling) Onan was more edifying than much of the recent offerings.

          Engaging: I suspect it is like testing the ignition after leaving the headlights on overnight. One understands the odds against it – yet one still hopes for a spark of life.

  • Noachideous


    Judaism is working towards the destruction of Christianity, all Races…… although the Rabbi would never admit that ……and the imposition of Noahide Law….. Israel was required to be made Undead in 1948, and WW1 and 2 were fought for that purpose, and only that purpose…. All other reasons are theatre. That is all. Discussion on the future of Racial Europe need to incorporate these matters and the ongoing use of Deception as a means to give effect to the collective will certain “Australians”.

    Posted by oztorah | Ask The Rabbi, Rabbis | Permalink

    There is no ‘Judeo-Christian’ tradition January 9th, 2018
    The following article by Rabbi Raymond Apple originally appeared in the Jerusalem Post on 9 January, 2018.
    The Jerusalem Post editorial on January 7 spoke of the “Judeo-Christian tradition.” That fabled tradition does not exist, nor does the “Judeo-Christian ethic.”

    • Addelad

      There is a lot of moronic commentary on this post – alas since it raised some interesting concepts – but this really is a standout. One wonders just what kind of adolescent moron can write about WW’s I and II with such ignorance and probably believe the utter garbage they have written. So let’s be clear Einstein (who was Jewish) – German expansionism, the Ottoman and Hapsburg Empires being at their end, the Communist take over of Russia, Japanese imperialism, US military power and global ambitions, British imperialism, French arrogance and so on – these are not important causative factors?

      Why am I writing this? Talk about pearls and bloody pigs.

    • Noachideous

      Noachideous is Number Cruncher 14 3 … 42 … the Number of the Divine… who is GAY…. That is … Good as Yehuda … the Rav Yehuda Ashlag who prophesied isreal make undead for 1948……
      ‘Twas not a “prophesy’ but a plan… and WW2 exists in the shape of a Temple Menorah 2 13 … 26 .. the decimal interpretation of the number 42, with ’42 as the central candle holder, with 3 years either side, just like a Templz Menorah… Simplz really isn’t it for those with eyes to see ?

      Now how to develop the number 1948 from the number 42 then … That’s simplz to. Simply take that number and the balance and then British Flag +x it, to discover 42 58 … 6 13 .. for 19 … Then 8 40 …. for 48… and Hey Presto Dude… juwve got…. 1948 ….
      How is that ?

      Consider two languages … English Heebejew …. EH … 58
      Containing 26 and 22 letters respectively ..for 48… the gematria of the poisonous Dr Ebola’s OHPI 48…
      There’s 6 13 mitzvoth for the fact that is points to 1948 via 42 58.
      There’s so much more yet to be said on the Kabbalah from a Goyische perspective.

      Is English the language in which the cHoZen engage the goyims in deceit, and Heebejew that language in which the Truth is told, but only in the echo chamber.

      No wonder you want those of us who are sensitive to Deception…….. Blocked and DePlatformed. Would you prefer us indifferent ? … It is certain more profitable…. is it not ?

      How’s about helpin’ us mere goys out in understandings on this with your superior enrudishun, germanics and hihgly intellijuments Fella instead of having another place devolve into a flaccid echo chamber of ritual self abuse like the “conversation” and so many other kosher corners of noahidiotic, Pharisee friendly FlapDoodles of self flaggemaslashun.

  • Addelad

    This is a well-argued (not watertight, the topic does not allow for absolutism) post, yet the toxic commentary from Shambles Neckless and other anti-Semitic morons makes it virtually impossible to create debate. Can’t these Luddites be consigned to cyber oblivion? I am no censor, but they add nothing whatsoever to the issues at hand, they merely regurgitate hateful single-figure IQ nonsense time and again.