Why is the QLD government paying a Communist to police your speech?


Almost a year ago, on September 25, 2017, we warned in this article that the Queensland government was paying a communist to police our speech with regard to the same-sex marriage postal vote. As reported a few days ago, charges are now being planned against people for comments they posted online during the debate in the lead up to the postal vote. Thus this encore provides important background on the communist, namely Matilda Alexander, behind this speech suppression.

Who is the government paying to police your speech?

On Saturday XYZ published an article by Adam Piggott reporting that the Queensland Government was gifting $7000 of taxpayer funds to LGBTI Legal Service President Matilda Alexander in order to train volunteers to monitor social media for “hate speech” and properly report such wrong think to authorities for prosecution.

It’s a good article by Adam and if you haven’t read it yet, please do so.

In the SBS report Adam linked to Ms Alexander was quoted saying:

“There seems to be a misconception that freedom of speech allows you to say whatever you want… We wanted to make sure firstly, that people know that kind of speech is unlawful and secondly, to have the tool available to be able to make a complaint… you need to screen grab it and send it into us and we will take the appropriate actions to make sure the law is enforced.”

Judging from the tone of the piece, the SBS reporter Riley Morgan seemed quite happy about this outsourcing of thought policing to the private sector.

Felicity Caldwell of the Brisbane Fairfax stable seemed equally happy at the idea of people with incorrect thoughts having to walk on eggshells, quoting Ms Alexander again as stating:

“I think having a postal vote makes people feel like their homophobia is legitimised and they have a right to say whatever they want to say about LGBTI people – that’s not the case under the law.”

After all, we can’t have people saying whatever they want, who know what silly ideas they might have? Thank God the valiant Matilda is there with her selfless band of volunteers to help set us right.

And thank God that earlier this year her “volunteer” organisation was gifted another $406,000 of taxpayer money by the QLD government, all well-deserved I’m sure.

But something bothered me about the way Matilda outlined her wondrous plans for an internet scoured clean of opinions she disagreed with. Something about her phrasing felt eerily familiar.

Who is Matilda Alexander?

Matilda Alexander, Democratic Socialist Party, from Queensland Law Handbook.

Well her bio back to 2001 shows her bouncing around various taxpayer-funded groups of a legal bent. She is the current treasurer and former principal solicitor for the publicly funded Prisoners Legal Service, has lectured on Gender and the law at Griffith University, and prepared cases for complainants regarding the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

But what was she doing before 2001?

Well here it gets interesting.

Over the ANZAC Day long weekend in 1999 Matilda Alexander, Griffith University women’s officer, was a featured speaker at the Brisbane “Socialism for the new millennium” conference. The event was run by the Democratic Socialist Party, then the largest, best organised and most violent extreme left-wing group in Australia, who shortly afterwards would transform themselves into the Trotskyite umbrella organisation Socialist Alliance.

Apparently it was quite a weekend. A dinner titled “Forty years of the Cuban Revolution” was held on Saturday evening. I’m sorry I missed it.

In August 1999 Green Left Weekly reported that Matilda was associated with the “New Broad Left” student group, an attempt by the then two biggest Trotskyite groups [DSP and the International Socialist Organisation] to organise extreme-left groups on university campuses in an effort to wrest control of the NUS away from the traditionally dominant Young ALP.

Matilda wasn’t just a member, she was the Queensland co-convener for NBL, and seemed quite enthusiastic about using the group to fight mushy mainstream Labor party types, stating:

“You are either with the system or against it, and on an ideological level NOLS [Young ALP] are part of the system, so I don’t think they should be included. It is more important to be pro-feminist, anti-capitalist and fight for queer rights and environmentalism. If you are in NOLS, you can’t be a revolutionary and be any of these things in a meaningful sense.”

A year later in August 2000, not long before taking up her legal career, Matilda helped lead a rally against John Howard’s policies on IVF for lesbians alongside the members of Queers Against Corporate Exploitation who described themselves as:

“A group committed to combating homophobia through the use of militant forms of direct action and linking our struggle to the struggles of other oppressed peoples such as women, indigenous people and the working class.”

QuACE boasted about organising an illegal occupation of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices in the Brisbane CBD, blockading Australian Stock Exchanges on May Day 2001, and organising activists to attend the orgy of thuggery and vandalism that was the 2000 Melbourne S11 riots.

Pretty mainstream stuff, clearly.

The IVF protest also tells us more about the Prisoners Legal Service that curiously picked Matilda up straight out of University.

Karen Fletcher, Democratic Socialist Party, from LinkedIn.

At that protest, in her capacity as Brisbane co-ordinator for the Prisoners Legal Service, was one Karen Fletcher who just happens to have been a member of the Democratic Socialist Party [later the Socialist Alliance] for over twenty years, standing as their candidate in elections for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly (1995); the House of Representatives (1996); and the Queensland Senate (in both 1990 and 2001). She was still writing for Green Left Weekly as late as 2014.

It looks a lot like Karen and Matilda got along so well that they ended up working together the very next year. Imagine that.

So to sum up, the Queensland government just gave a $7000 dollar taxpayer-funded top up to a group they only months ago gave over $400,000 dollars to, on the understanding that the smaller grant be used to monitor speech the government dislikes and prepare legal cases against dissidents.

The woman gifted with this mandate for internet thought-policing, and put in charge of all this taxpayer money, is a Marxist activist with a long history of associating with the most violent political extremists in this country. A woman who in her own words believes that Feminism, anti-capitalism, queer rights and environmentalism need to be enforced via a violent revolution, and also that:

“There seems to be a misconception that freedom of speech allows you to say whatever you want”.

I don’t know what’s more terrifying, that this happened or that at least two full-time journalists were so biased or incompetent that they didn’t even bother to check.

  • entropy

    Women sure do love socialism, don’t they. And it’s only going to get worse.

    With the ‘pay gap’ myth busted, wage slaves being increasingly red-pilled to the dangers of heterosexual relationships, and little appetite for the quota system of elevating manifestly unqualified staff simply because they have vaginas, women will rely more and more on a formal transition to socialism to keep the welfare tap flowing.

    Surely women deserve to continue to live in the manner to which men have made them accustomed.

    • Not just females that love Socialism, lots of physically weak manlet cucks love it as well. They are dickless rainbow females in essence anyway.
      Include fags and lesbos and degenerates of every spectrum of their rainbow world.

      If you are a loser of any description, your preferred option is always to attach parasitically to something or someone to mooch off. Gibsmedats. Gibsmedats now !
      In this case, like many others, the commie leaning Government is a soft touch.
      Socialism is also the domain of starry eyed young people,until 30 or so years of hard life experience, being fucked over, opens their blinkered eyes and they finally wake up to being suckered for so long and become conservatives.

    • GP

      I’m a woman and I hate socialism. It’s just that these type of women are loud and aggressive. Please realise that most women are NOT feminists.

      • entropy

        While most women might not identify as feminists, they seem to do little to speak out against it. Since they vicariously benefit from feminism’s entitlement agenda, it’s not much of a stretch to interpret this as tacit support.

        White men went to the other side of the planet to save the world from Nazis yet today they get called Nazis for daring to stand up for themselves.

        Should women get a free pass when so few push back against the fringe lunatics who speak on their behalf?

  • sadsak

    I do not mind where other people put their toungs, or dongles,but I do object to others putting things in my mouth, especially a gag. The fact that I am facilitating this gaging with my taxes to this mob of George St. ornaments curdles my guts.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Australia has a very robust freedom of speech system (NOT) we can be sued for telling the truth, if memory serves me correctly there were 2 politicians that objected to the truth being told.
    Oh give me an American style Constitution or a Bill of Rights that was refused to us by J.H.
    http://australianpolitics.com/1999/03/05/abbott-costello-ellis-defamation-action.html https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/64085cbc594304c0ae757ba87bb9e1d09eeddf6a91ca23f2b16007aa1c43394c.jpg

    • Give me the 2nd Amendment, BnB.

      With regards to free speech, Queensland has a poor history in supporting free speech.

      Thoughtcrime is almost upon us. It will show up in legislation in Queensland and Victoria first.

  • Bikinis not Burkas
    • Tamaveirene

      So WHO will mount a challenge to these lawbreakers?! Hands up, chequebooks out and lock and load! Let’s go!!!!!!!

      • I’m on board ! Let’s lodge a complaint with the UN.
        Our Human Rights are being breached by this draconian law that stifles free speech.

    • Earl Conner

      Article 16 has some good ones: “Men and women of full age…have the right to marry and to found a family.” And: “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State”.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Where truth is deemed “relative”, freedom is also relative….. non-existent.

    I’m grateful for your continued research and unmasking. These types (not even ironically, but logically) are always of the “tell a lie often enough and people will believe it” ilk.

    Personally, I always ignore their rhetoric because I can’t bear to absorb the lies at all. Toxic.

    But I’m glad that you have the fortitude to wade through all that and expose the reality.

  • Ugly as a dog’s rear end. Unemployable in the real world. And taxpayer funded to shut down the truth.

  • Who gave the Government the right to police our speech and fine us or throw us in prison for the opinions and attitudes we express?

    I certainly didn’t and I doubt any reasonable person even considered it, I don’t consent to the government policing my speech.

    It’s getting to the point where the people are going to need to remove all consent for the government to rule us, they abuse the people therefore they are illegtimate.

  • James

    Let them attack people. Every time they do they expose themselves and their delusional perspectives to the world.

    • It comes at a high personal cost. Remember the QUT Case. It’s dreadful for the victims of these witch hunts.

      • James

        Indeed it is but that’s what exposes these so called social justice warriors for the aggressors they are.
        They expose themselves, they expose the courts for hearing their frivolous claims in the first place they expose the falseness of the media who portray them as saints and they expose the politicians who support their nonsense by keeping the laws in place they attack people with.

  • Jamie Blank

    Apparently Saudi Arabia is putting to death a female rights activist because presumably feminism is “hate speech” from their perspective. That’s how restrictions on speech work. People in power get to decide what is “hate” & what isn’t.


  • Shosshannah

    Queensland is a Police State. A Stalinist State, always has been.
    Police there are corrupt to the core, rotten apples.
    Queenslanders are backward people, inbred. 30 years behind the rest of Australia.
    They remind me of the Amish.

  • Peter Williams

    LOL!! Haven’t had any of the communist arseholes knocking on my door over comments (ie the truth) I said during that farce of a postal vote.

    And if they did, they would be in for one *hell* of a shock.

    And I don’t know why anyone is surprised at this ……. Qld is a communist run state now. Of course they are going to get their commie mates to spy on everyone to keep them in line…. or off to the gulag you go!!