The Women’s AFL Competition is a Complete Joke


[This article was first published February 6, 2017.]

Last September I wrote a piece ridiculing the fact that women AFL sportspersons wanted more money to play a sport before they’d even played the sport. The lowliest player in the brand spanking new women’s competition receives $5000 just for turning up. Two days ago the competition launched and the first match was played live on television. I tuned in for purely investigative purposes and after watching about ten minutes of the ‘action,’ I can only conclude that these women are grossly overpaid.

Watching women chase a football around a field was like watching women chase a football around a field. It reminded me of being back in school and lounging on the side of the school oval as the girls did their physical education lesson. They were pretty useless at the physical education bit but we weren’t watching for their athletic prowess. A pity, then, that the women’s AFL is selling the game by attempting to compete with men. How else to describe publicity shots such as the following:

Header, AFLW launch video, from

It’s not exactly your dream girl that you want to take home to mum or dad. She even has the requisite tattoo covering her entire arm. Along with the really tough look. Lucky I’m wearing the brown underwear or I’d be in serious trouble.

Lots of people were in the stands watching the game and cheering the players. How wonderful for them all. They must be so chuffed. The Age even described the game as a ‘sell-out’. Which is an interesting use of the term seeing as there was no charge to get into the ground. How something can be described as a sell-out when nothing has been sold is a little bewildering. So no money towards those overpriced player salaries from this weekend then.

It was, of course, free to get into the ground for the simple reason that the dumbasses who thought up this competition were terrified at the thought of empty stands if they charged people for the privilege of watching women chase a football around a field, and rightly so. This competition has been foisted on a largely uncaring public who might not be so keen to watch women chase a football around a field if they had to pay. Which might have something to do with the awful skill level that was on display. To say that there is a difference in the skill level between the male and female players is like saying that your adorable seven-year-old niece who insists on performing her excruciating Beyonce covers at family gatherings is perhaps not up to exactly the same level of the woman she is attempting to mimic.

To put the skill level in perspective, consider the fact that the Australian women’s soccer team goalkeeper Brianna Davey was one of the best on ground for Carlton on Saturday. The same goalkeeper who managed to let in seven goals when the Matildas were beaten 7-0 by a schoolboys’ under-16 team. So in between her soccer duties she moonlights for the new women’s AFL. Which is funny as all we’re hearing is that this competition is a dream come true for all the women concerned, and yet they have to ring around the other female sports codes to see if anyone wants to jump over for the weekend and have a crack.

But of course, the Australian media has been fulsome with its praise. The Australian newspaper has no less than eleven articles up on its AFL page, and all of them gushing with the sheer brilliance and unrivaled success of the competition. I just wish one of the staff writers would have the balls to stand up and say what a complete joke this entire exercise is. If it really is such a huge success, then let’s see them play during the real AFL season at the same time that the men are playing their matches. Let’s see how many television channels will choose to pay big bucks to host the games in direct competition with the networks screening the men’s games. Let’s see how many sponsors are willing to fork out the dosh in that scenario. And let’s see how many people will put their hand in their pocket to watch this level of athletic prowess when they can go and watch the guys play for the same price.

But what am I saying? This isn’t about sport. This is about equality and the new paradigm that women can do anything that men can do if not better. And so the true believers will follow the official line and sing its praises because to do otherwise would be career suicide and they’re not prepared to stand up to the progressive agenda. They have never stood up before and they’re certainly not going to start now.

This article was originally published at where Adam Piggott writes regularly and brilliantly.

Photo by Tostie14

  • Addelad

    You did concede it’s good to see women having a crack; you are no simple Male Chauvinist Piggott.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      I thought only Plumbers had a crack.

    • minden fugleman

      Confucius say,’ Lady pirot that fry upside-down have clack up’.
      (Still hiding somewhere in China}.

  • Dan Flynn

    ‘This is about equality and the new paradigm that women can do anything that men can do if not better’
    I’d hazard a guess that the women know they can’t play as well as men in the AFL.
    Someone please explain to me why men like Adam Piggott are so threatened by a bunch of women playing a game of footy. I would have thought there were more compelling things to write about.

    • Deplorable Steve

      It’s the progressive agenda surrounding the female footy league that is the problem. Yet another leftist mantra that one must believe wholeheartedly…

      • Dan Flynn

        Hi Steve, I get that people don’t like being forced into accepting something under threat of being labelled sexist. I don’t think it needs to be about that though, we can just change the channel.

        • Deplorable Steve

          That is true Dan, one can change the channel, but the agenda still pervades society. I suppose, like anything else, female footy will rise or fall in the free market economy…

      • DS…I thought your first sentence read….”female booty league”….I must get new specs.

    • entropy

      If you think this article is about Adam being threatened by women playing footy, you need a whole lot more explanation than time permits.

      But of course you’re just misrepresenting his argument so that you can brand him with your identity politics.

      • Dan Flynn

        I’m trying to hold back my identity politics, I promise! I’m really trying to understand it. A bunch of women decide to start a footy club which leads to more women doing the same. Lo and behold they enjoy it and want to continue and make it bigger…and so it goes on until they organise themselves with enough financial backing and supporters and then we have a Women’s Football league.
        If the MSM is trying to shove it down our throats and accuse anyone of misogyny if they don’t get all misty-eyed about it, then fine, that’s something to be annoyed about. But I see no issue with the League itself which was my point.
        So many things get so complex very quickly and people make a lot of ‘meaning’ out of it.
        Can’t we just let them play and then switch the TV channel?

        • Darryl

          I don”t think Adam is feeling threatened. As Steve points out, and you seem to acknowledge in your post (“the MSM shoving it down our throats”) it is the progressive agenda surrounding this issue that is worthy of comment.

          Otherwise I agree with you. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If enough people don’t support it, then it will fail at this level. Hopefully the women who want to keep playing for the love of it will still have the opportunity to do so, if without the big pay packet.

          • Dan Flynn

            Hi Darryl, gosh I would love to sit down with you and talk about the ‘progressive agenda’ that annoys some men so much, we could cover more in 10 minutes than a year’s worth of XYZ comments.
            I must admit I know little about the whole Women’s League thing as I do not watch TV or sports very much. However I can assume that the Women’s League is not just about providing women with a paid opportunity to play footy, it’s also about promoting the idea that girls can play footy too.
            This stuff filters down to schools and inspires young women and girls to start playing the game more. We have women’s Tennis, Olympic Sports etc which are all pretty high profile. In years to come I’m sure the quality will improve as the culture in schools changes. This is a scary idea to some people perhaps, but it will not change anything about the current AFL which will always be king.

        • BJ

          I don’t think Adam was threatened by women playing the game. His argument seems to be that something that is so far below the standard of other professional sport wouldn’t ordinarily find financial or media support, and the fact that it has, and was being boosted as a commercial success, can only be explained by a political / social agenda. It is a stretch to call an event where tickets are given away for free a ‘sell-out’. And the AFL has a history of politicising its events. My view is that they should stick with organising a football competition and leave it at that.

          But you are right on one level, it should stand or fail on its merits as a commercial sporting product; although I’ll bet the ordinary rules of commerce won’t apply because no one will want the aggravation that comes with canning it if it does flop; and the general consensus seems to be that it wasn’t very good.

          • Dan Flynn

            Hi BJ,
            On the surface I can see why people are a bit bemused about why the women’s league is getting so much positive attention given that the quality is low, tickets are free and people are getting paid well.
            However like many things, people like to support things in their infancy, any new game or start-up benefits from positive reinforcement and good vibes early on. It’s pretty natural.
            If we look under the surface we can see that there are some other factors at play. The AFL are well known for their leadership in the sporting world which I wouldn’t say is the same thing as ‘politicization’. For example, they are well known for their work in integrating Aboriginal players into the AFL, which has only benefitted the game.
            The AFL clearly wants to promote the idea that girls can play footy too. The Women’s league is not just about paying women to have their own league. It will filter down to schools, and girls will be given ‘permission’ to pick up the footy and kick it around at lunch time too. Of course they are allowed to do this currently, but there is a prevailing culture that only boys can do it. Girls know this stuff, boys are kind of oblivious. I certainly was when I was a boy.
            More female participation in football will, in turn, filter up and improve the quality of Women’s football as the girls grow older. And so it goes.
            Some refer to this as a ‘progressive agenda’, well I guess it is, but I can’t see it as being dangerous in any way. Sure it’s challenging gender stereotypes but it will have no impact on the men’s AFL competition which will always dominate.
            Women’s Tennis and Olympic sports are very high profile and have benefitted from a culture where women are able to participate. The AFL is trying to do the same.
            The fact that women are getting paid good money (for now at least), or because the MSM are promoting it as a success is, in my view, secondary to the main aim.

          • BJ

            I understand all of that, and I agree with some of it; although frankly, I have absolutely no interest of any kind in AFL football, men or women. I do however agree with Adam that hyping it so far beyond the apparent reality of the product is very foolish, and certainly driven by a political agenda; and doing so will ultimately harm the prospects of success. In the end the question is will people pay money to watch it, and only time answer that question.

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘frankly, I have absolutely no interest of any kind in AFL football, men or women’
            Me too!

        • entropy

          The problem is we only have so many channels and there’s already gynocentric garbage on most of them.

          There are actually few to no ‘male’ sporting competitions. Premier level competitions of all stripes simply require the best possible players, all of which usually turn out to be men. Introducing ‘women only’ competitions is inherently sexist and clear charity to a class that is fundamentally inferior at the game. So what you are arguing for is a ‘mixed’ and a ‘female’ competition, but no men’s competition. In fact, the AFL is currently implementing rules that force clubs to shoehorn quotas for women into their senior teams, because ‘equality’.

          But, as we all know, ‘equality’ only works one way. Parity is only required in traditionally male domains, so there’s no requirement to broadcast a men’s netball competition, or for television advertising and weekday programming to be less blatantly misandrist, or for clothes outlets to stock equal quantities of male and female clothing. No. In traditionally female domains, the usual rules of commerce apply.

          The promotion of this event/competition is nothing more than gender charity and virtue signalling. The AFL gets to virtue signal about how it cares about women (by giving them a ball, not by stopping their senior players from beating them), while women get a cheap ego boost by being awarded more of the gender charity they seem to love for playing the weak, helpless, victimised sex.

          • Karen Dwyer

            I don’t think the AFL just stops with women “victims”. It’s just one category in a relentless cavalcade of “gay pride” games, Muslim “diversity” officers officers, “indigenous” leagues and racism narratives etc. It’s like they want to destroy the entire game and culture.

            Remember when “the big men” used to “fly”?

            That’s just a sad memory.

            Now it’s snowflakes whirling in a blizzard of flakier flakes …

          • Dan Flynn

            Hi Entropy,
            We’ve certainly been down this road before…
            I know I won’t change your mind about your attitudes towards women who perceive gender inequality. If we talked for hours over a beer we might get somewhere but not on this forum.

          • entropy

            I don’t expect you to change my mind, just to debate the topic and hand and the points I raise, which you regularly fail to do.

            Perceptions of inequality are irrelevant. Actual inequality is irrelevant. The only issue of relevance is the existence of a level playing field, whereby all subsequent inequality is a function of individual differences.

            The only thing that stops women from playing sports is their own apathy towards it. It’s not society’s job to reeducate them about their personal interests.

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘which you regularly fail to do’
            Oh you’re ball breaker aren’t you Entropy!! 🙂

            ‘The problem is we only have so many channels and there’s already gynocentric garbage on most of them.’

            Get Netflix mate, you can choose what you wanna watch. Main stream TV is all garbage anyway.

            ‘There are actually few to no ‘male’ sporting competitions’

            Are you for real? Eddie McGuire, Dennis Competti, Bruce Mcavaney, all footy and cricket commenters……

            ‘Introducing ‘women only’ competitions is inherently sexist and clear charity to a class that is fundamentally inferior at the game’.

            The AFL is trying to change the culture that only boys can play footy. Which is a real attitude out there. How do I now that? Cos I used to think that when I was a boy and used to tease girls who tried to play footy.

            Having a women’s league will filter down through schools and communities and through the years and the quality of female players will increase.

            ‘So what you are arguing for is a ‘mixed’ and a ‘female’ competition, but no men’s competition. In fact, the AFL is currently implementing rules that force clubs to shoehorn quotas for women into their senior teams, because ‘equality’.’

            No, I’m saying it’s OK to have a women’s only league. Do you have any evidence of this ‘shoehorning’? Sound like bullshit to me. I come from a very sports centric family and community and I have heard no such thing.

            ‘no requirement to broadcast a men’s netball competition’

            Show me a man who wants to be in a Netball team and wants to be broadcasted. If you find one I’ll support him.

            ‘or for television advertising and weekday programming to be less blatantly misandrist, or for clothes outlets to stock equal quantities of male and female clothing’

            Maybe cos women like shopping more than men? I wear clothes until they literally fall off me.

            ‘The promotion of this event/competition is nothing more than gender charity and virtue signalling’

            How can one argue against that? Your mind is made up. Every time someone raises or address gender inequality it can be nothing other than good old ‘virtue signalling’.

            ‘Perceptions of inequality are irrelevant. Actual inequality is irrelevant. The only issue of relevance is the existence of a level playing field, whereby all subsequent inequality is a function of individual differences’
            I understand this in theory but have no clue how you would apply it to reality. It sounds like a very convenient position for someone at the top of the food chain.
            Phew, you may think I’m full of shit but you can’t say I’m failing to address your points.
            Have a good night.

          • entropy

            Call it how I see it, mate.

            Netflix probably isn’t a bad idea, although I can usually get anything I want to watch from YouTube or TPB.

            “There are actually few to no ‘male’ sporting competitions”. As printed, I did say ‘competitions’, not ‘commentators’. It changes the message considerably, so you might want to have another look.

            “I used to think that when I was a boy and used to tease girls who tried to play footy.” And did girls tease you for playing with dolls or wearing dresses or putting tissues in your bra? Even small children intuitively understand that certain interests (such as sports) are highly gendered. It must take a lot of left-wing brainwashing to ‘forget’ that.

            “No, I’m saying it’s OK to have a women’s only league.” Why? We don’t have a men’s only league. You seem to be saying that women need their own charity league because they can’t compete with men. Sounds sexist.

            “Do you have any evidence of this ‘shoehorning’? Sound like bullshit to me.” And it may well be as I can’t find a reliable source, so consider that statement retracted.

            “Maybe cos women like shopping more than men?” Like how men like sports more than women? How do you not understand that you’re literally making the exact point that I’m trying to spoonfeed to you?

            “It sounds like a very convenient position for someone at the top of the food chain.” What food chain? As stated, my position assumes a level playing field. If it doesn’t exist, we level the playing field. But barring evidence of systemic discrimination against women (which doesn’t exist), we can assume the playing field is already level and that women don’t play high-level sports because they don’t want to. Just like how you don’t go clothes shopping because you don’t want to, not because you’re being victimised by the matriarchy.

          • Dan Flynn

            Ha ha, yes ‘competitions’, not ‘commentators’ – I need glasses!
            I appreciate you retracting the shoehorn comment, very humble of you.

            “No, I’m saying it’s OK to have a women’s only league.” Why? We don’t have a men’s only league. You seem to be saying that women need their own charity league because they can’t compete with men. Sounds sexist.’

            This paragraph is quite confusing to me. What is the AFL, the VFL and countless other country and district leagues if not men’s only? I have vaguely heard that there might be one or two women playing but it’s pretty much men only. I mean, when a certain gender makes up 99.998% of the players, we can pretty safely call it ‘men’s only’!
            And the reason it is this way, as we both would agree, is that men are generally bigger, faster and better footy players than women. I’m not arguing with you on this. I am merely saying that women should be allowed to have their own league because that would provide an ‘even playing field’ for them. Women tennis players do not compete against male tennis payers, would you argue that Venue Williams should play against Roger Federer?

            ‘What food chain? As stated, my position assumes a level playing field’

            Sharks are at the top of the food chain. They don’t get fucked with very often. Seals on the other hand…
            White men are at the top of the social ‘food chain’. They don’t get fucked with very often – except by other men of course. This is not to say men are superior it’s just that they have less ‘predators’.
            If you are a club-footed, Muslim lesbian, however, chances are you will cop a huge amount of shit all your life by pretty much everyone.

            This analogy is not perfect but it simply highlights the fact that if you are a white man (living in western countries), life is generally somewhat easier and there are more opportunities and you don’t get hassled and abused as much as the Muslim lesbian.

            ‘But barring evidence of systemic discrimination against women (which doesn’t exist)’
            Q. When did women get the vote in Australia? A. 1902.
            1902-1788 equals 120 years of systematic oppression against women since Captain Cook. Do you suspect that this oppression simply vanished the day women were allowed to vote?

            ‘Even small children intuitively understand that certain interests (such as sports) are highly gendered’

            Small children also shit their pants and believe in Santa Claus 🙂
            Seriously though, I’ll repeat myself and say that yes certain interests are often highly gendered, but, and here it comes…..’Not all’…….the time. Hence some women want to play footy in their own League and I’m cool with it.

          • entropy

            No appreciation required and I do apologise for not properly researching that point.

            AFL/VFL aren’t men’s only competitions, just like Magic Mike isn’t a women’s only film. A men’s only competition is a competition that only men are allowed to enter (such as the men’s tennis circuit). The distinction is a simple one that I didn’t think you’d struggle with. People with disabilities are allowed to play in the NBA but 99.998% of NBA players aren’t in wheelchairs.

            If you think the evolution of society and traditional gender roles amount to ‘systemic oppression against women’ then I’m afraid you need to reconsider your understanding of anthropology and the human condition. I suppose it was ‘oppression’ that saw men slaughtered in wars throughout all of recorded history to protect their women and families? I’m sure all those teenage virgins died happy in the knowledge they were fully experiencing their ‘gender privilege’.

            Like it or not, the human race was lumped with various strengths and weaknesses that we have come together in partnerships and communities to offset and overcome. The fact that biology prevented women from participating in some aspects of society does not equate to ‘oppression’ unless you ask a militant entitlement feminist looking for a handout. I highly recommend a rethink on this one.

            Small children believe in Santa Claus because we lie to them, but they shit their pants because they intuitively understand that they need to shit. Just like they intuitively understand that sport is gendered. There have always been women’s football leagues and I have absolutely nothing against them, the problem is when they receive disproportionate attention that is rationalised against the fictional backdrop of ‘oppression’ that you’re perpetuating.


          • Dan Flynn

            ‘The distinction is a simple one that I didn’t think you’d struggle with’
            Perhaps I struggled with it because it was so obvious and I was looking for a deeper meaning, quite semantical really.
            Aside from that, your reply was well thought out and well argued.
            Of course I fundamentally disagree. Til next time…

          • Deplorable Steve

            I actually enjoy your argumentative line even though I don’t agree with them Dan. It’s good to have a difference of opinion amongst reasonable people…

          • Dan Flynn

            Thank you Steve, being on XYZ has certainly been an adventure 🙂

          • DevilutioN (Arlene Sanders)

            Getting a life without watching tv all the time might help with your problem about limited tv channels

          • entropy

            By “getting a life”, you mean reading 3-month-old articles on the Internet and getting triggered by comments?

            I rarely watch TV for exactly the reasons I mention, but avoidance isn’t a solution to the problem under discussion. Do you also think women should avoid the mythical ‘pay gap’ by not working?

            Another invaluable contribution from an equal human being.

      • Dan is just a garden variety troll….

        • Karen Dwyer

          Which is why one uses the “block” feature: that, and for the “I’m alt-right cos I’m a Nazi” morons. Two sides of the same troll coin.

        • entropy

          Nah, Dan is just a simple guy who has been failed and misinformed by the MSM and his liberal echo chamber. He might think he’s here ‘fighting the good fight’ but you can only argue against common sense for so long. I’m willing to overlook his occasional trollish behaviour in the hope that he might yet be redeemed.

          There, but for the grace of God, go I.

    • DevilutioN (Arlene Sanders)

      The professional AFL players train a lot more you have to remember. Most womens teams train about once a week, and haven’t had the years of experience of the mens yet.

      • MatrixTransform

        yeah really?

        what you have to remember sweetie … is sexually dimorphic.

        end of …

      • Stephen Shaw

        Then why are they paid and enjoy unwarranted airtime. Social engineering. Dumb down the quality like quotas lowering the standards in Firefighting and Policing putting society at more risk. It’s all part of entitlement not earned or being able.

  • If it is about equality, then surely I can identify as female, turn up on the day and kick a few balls ( ! ) and then collect my freebie $5000 ? Anything else is misandry.

    PS : I watched it for less than a minute and it was pathetic.
    PPS: Addelad, it is good seeing women having a crack….so to speak….

    • Joe Ombud

      To be fair, I am all for encouraging women to participate in the sport. They have been great supporters of AFL for a long time.

    • DevilutioN (Arlene Sanders)

      Nah it’s because women wanna play the sport too, but are not allowed cus it’s been deemed a mens only sport. Kind of like how netball is a female only sport, yet there isn’t any good reason for it.
      The whole boob crushing stuff that stops women playing AFL is crap. A guy can get a lot more damage by getting hit in the nuts lets just say that

  • Craig

    Maybe if chicks were better looking and frolicked in their under wear I might watch… They have to be prettier then this though.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Imaging the future insurance claims for breast cancer.

    • entropy

      Didn’t you get the memo? Only men are allowed to be ogled and objectified in the new Australian matriarchy. After decades complaining about the sexualisation of women in any form of media, the usual hypocrites now tell us that it’s ‘funny’ when it happens to men.

      • Steve Wright

        I am concerned about the standard of women’s football. Women’s netball, basketball, soccer and hockey have earnt their media exposure. AFLW has not. Don’t insult your viewers by bias commentating. The football standard is poor. AFLW have to serve their apprenticeship before they get national exposure. “The King is naked” call a spade a spade. It is politcal correctness gone crazy.

    • DevilutioN (Arlene Sanders)

      A typical pervy male reply. I am so glad not every guy is a dog like you who views women as nothing but sex objects

    • Ted Dolkens

      Bit like mud wrestling without the mud?

  • entropy

    I saw articles about this and immediately wondered what was being left out. Apparently, the entry fee was.

    In other news, the only gender specific sport at the Olympics is still synchronised swimming and the Australian Men’s Netball team is still paid less than the women’s team.

    I blame democracy. We’d never have these manifest inequalities under a communist government.

  • entropy

    Also, small point: the word “women’s” in the title is superfluous.

    Just sayin’.

    • It used to be okay in the old days,as the VFL, before the idiots turned it national, as the AFL.

      • entropy

        Full disclosure, I don’t follow it or care much, I’m just taking the piss. Although in principle I do wish we’d focus more on international games, which have more interesting, high-level competitions and facilitate better relationships with other countries.

        Investing all this time and effort competing against ourselves in a game no-one else plays seems very parochial and American.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Tattoos are so YUCK!

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    How about a game in Afghanistan wearing Burkas.

  • Möwe

    When I was a Lefty, I used to wonder why women’s sports were not patronized by fans. I used the logic of boxing weight divisions. One doesn’t only watch super heavyweight boxing matches, there are lower weights. Women’s sports seemed the same to me. Sure, women are smaller and slower than men, but wasn’t it all still sport?

    Later I realized that people don’t care that much about who is the stronger, faster or more skillful of two women. Who is better looking, yes, they care about. People weren’t avoiding women’s sports due to the so-called patriarchy, but because they weren’t interested in them.

    Tennis is one of the exceptions. It seems to get big crowds. Female tennis players do often make an effort to look good, but that’s only part of it.

    I am fully in favour of women playing sports if they want to, and good luck to them if they get an audience and make some money out of it. But this women’s AFL seems to be more leftamatosis.

    • Dan Flynn

      ‘When I was a Lefty’
      Come back to the light Mowe, we’ve got Bruce Springsteen, Robert DeNiro and Gandhi 🙂

      • Möwe

        Well, you guys may have the Boss, but we have the Apprentice.

        Hold on, that didn’t come out right… 😉

      • And Charles Manson, Mao and Stalin…

        Leftamatosis. Love it.

      • minden fugleman

        You missed out Malcolm Turnbull !

  • Larry Larkin

    Any halfway decent U16 school would beat them>

    National womens teams top out at the level of U16 boys representative teams.

  • aussiegooner

    It still strikes me as odd that the women get the same prize money as the men at the Aussie Open tennis, even though they play three sets and the men play five. If i got the same money working full time as a woman working part time, I’d be miffed. It isn’t that the women tennis players aren’t worth watching, just that the men are better and play more sets.

    • entropy

      The female chauvinists justify it by claiming that they draw similar crowds when they play… which is exactly the same commercial argument they overlook or reject in the other 99% of cases where this isn’t true.

      Proving (as is we needed further proof) that feminism is about female entitlement and has nothing to do with equality.

  • To be honest I actually enjoyed watching the game. I certainly wouldn’t pay the same as I do for the men’s, but in terms of a spectacle I liked it.

    What I didn’t know is how much the women are getting paid. Is that true? Are they getting $5000 a game? If so, what the hell?

    How can you justify $5,000 a game when you aren’t even charging for tickets to get in? That’s ridiculous…

    • Karen Dwyer

      The same way that they tried to get Aussie Rules excitement into the UK. Free games. I doubt the players paid their own expenses, let alone played for free.

      It didn’t take off, though: the Irish game is a LOT tougher and not for pretty boys.

    • John Rew

      It’s called a pussy pass . They are given out everywhere. Even the justice system does it . So much for patriarchy.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Of course it’s like watching the girls at PE. Happily, the VFL was never like watching the boys playing PE. No one would get a salary :-)))))))

    Don’t watch the game these days (& Mr Goodes’ “performance” was never going to change my mind). But it was all about watching the big men fly. A long time ago!! And even then I wouldn’t have been watching if they wore sleeves …

    • minden fugleman

      Baseball is even more boring. Less action than cricket.

  • Craig

    Bunch of women and a Leftie at that don’t get footy, who would of thought?

    Feminism has pervaded football for decades and ruined it, I grew through this transition. Those of us that remember what it was, well it’s a pussies game now. NRL included it went through the same process. Thanks PC scum.

    My hypothesis woman’s footy league will always be small, women’s biology and physiology will dictate this to the more ignorant. In the end $$$$$$ will pull out of it… and $$$$$ will be paid out.

    How many professional AFL woman’s teams do you think will be in existence two years and then a decade?

  • Skeptic

    If women want to be paid the same they should be forced to play in men’s teams – see how often they get picked. lol, stupid feminazi bitches

  • Dom Inic

    I find it hilarious the amount of attention the ABC has had on this particular sport since it started. No doubt this is in our best interest as a nation to heal the gender pay gap, toxic masculinity, male privilege problems that afflict us hateful heterorodents.

  • Dom Inic

    I should also add women and men participating in all sorts of sports is to be encouraged. We are a nation with more than our share of well nourished fat slobs after all. Playing sport is good, watching sport is a waste of time. Professional sportspeople, elite athletes, clubs don’t need support. If there not doing it for love of it then get a real job.

  • 11Dane

    Wow , all I can say is thank god someone else can see this for the absolute joke it is .
    I actually think the women’s AFL is demeaning to the average women as in no way does it deserve the attention it is receiving…
    The women playing this game must realise that sport is where we escape political bullshit and just appreciate moments of pure brilliance…. women’s footy is hard to watch and if people have any appreciation for what the greatest game on earth can offer its so obvious this league has nothing to do with elite abilities and more to do with leftist fairytales that have no basis in reality .
    Go Pies … ( the real team )

    • DevilutioN (Arlene Sanders)

      Don’t like it, just stick to watching the mens then. No one is forcing you to watch it… lol

      • gwallan

        “just stick to watching the mens then”

        No need. The local under 15 BOYS play at a higher level than the women.

  • DevilutioN (Arlene Sanders)

    Lol I love how a bunch of you idiots think women are all fragile and weak, typical macho way to look at it isn’t it? Women may lack the upper body strength of men, but they are no means slower like one person said. Women actually have a slighter faster reaction time according to science. Mind you it’s so small it’s barely noticeable but when you have dumb people saying “women are slower!” without any proof. The women in the AFL league are slower because they train a LOT LESS than professional AFL players that train pretty much every day.
    A lot of people here have some very dated sexist views about gender roles. Men and women are a lot more alike than different. Gender roles like this stupid shit make it seem like women must only cook and clean, and men must love sport and fixing cars, all that manly stuff.

    • AC

      Olympic 100m sprint times (in fact just about every running, jumping throwing event result) say otherwise.

      It’s not that women can’t do the stuff that men excel at, it’s just that they’re mostly terrible at it.

      I’d have loved to be a professional athlete but I wasn’t good enough, don’t have the genetics. Would it be fair for me to demand a nationally televised and subsidised below-mediocre football league that pays me $5k per game, just for the feels and self indulgent delusion of “being able to match it with the best”? No, I’d be a crazy a***hole.

    • MatrixTransform

      yr so stupid.

      I will wager that you dont cook like me, clean like me, football like me, fight like me, or work like me.

      its because of the balls.

      of which you have zero.

      if you could fight like you talk … them maybe somebody would care about your bullshit.

      just sayin’

    • gwallan

      Rubbish. Good fifteen year old male athletes regularly surpass womens’ world records. I’m sorry but there is no comparison.

      “Women actually have a slighter faster reaction time according to science.”

      You are lying here. The relevant research actually says the opposite.

  • Skeptic

    Can’t wait for a transgender player to totally dominate them

  • I tried to watch it, 0-2 goals a quarter is normal.

    They can’t kick, they can’t run, they can’t catch.

    Why doesn’t the AFL charge $5 per person? Surely if it’s so popular they could get $5 a pop.

    • Ted Dolkens

      Mattys- what a mysogonistic statement, are you really suggesting that women should charge a smaller entry fee to see them play? How are they going to justify their equal pay claims??

      • BunyipBill

        I thought that Matty was suggesting that the women should actually pay $5.00 per person to “play” like we did when we were playing amateur footy.

      • gwallan

        I can watch junior boys footy for free and the standard is much higher.

  • Ted Dolkens

    I turned on the women’s football the other day and thought the game must have just started as the score was a couple of goals versus 3 goals and a few points. Imagine my surprise when I realized that they were near the end of the last quarter? Perhaps they can get some better competition happening if they play the womens side against their local boys primary school sides?

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Womens AFL – Don’t you mean the politically correct footy mini season where the players call them selves women but run around like spastics, are covered in tattoos and look dudes?

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Worst spectacle ever.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    I recall accidentally tuning in to the womens finals of a BMX racing thing. I was just amazed by the athleticism, the physicality, the – what’s a good word – the daring, the speed, the jumps, the competition. I was genuinely impressed.

    Then after that was the men’s finals. And within seconds, I understood just how wrong I had been. It was a whole different order of athleticism.

  • Karen Dwyer
  • sadsak

    Well it always was a girls game. Now Rugby League is another matter allto gether

  • OTRDefender

    The absolute cringe is real.. Woman so desperate to be like men and actually delusional enough to believe they’re just like men.

  • QTan7745

    Another anti female tirade.