XYZ At the Movies – Star Wars: The Last Jedi



I’ve recently come back from the latest Disney money grab from a franchise that really should have stayed unedited at three movies.

Before going into this film I made sure that I saw no trailers, I read no reviews, nor had I spoken with anyone who had seen it before me about the movie – not even regarding their thoughts of liking it or not.

After the progressive love fest that was Rogue One I wanted to give the main story arc the benefit of the doubt. No bias, no expectations.

Sad to say, my effort in avoiding all trailers and spoilers was a waste of energy because the movie not only took a blue pill on social politics, it downed the whole bottle! The equality button was pushed so hard that the entire bridge of the “protagonist” Resistance’s main starcruiser was all female. A female commander was replaced by another female. A new protagonist is introduced – an [ugly] Asian female. The one white male, who, in The Force Awakens was useful and a bit of a badass, is now a bumbling fool who’s every plan needs to be rescued by… you guessed it, a female.

Now let’s jump ship to the “antagonists”, the First Order. Their bridge is all white males. The main bad guy (who was much less impressive and scary than the impression given in The Force Awakens) is a balding, mangled, perverted white male. The guy who betrays the resistance… you guessed it… white male.

I’m all for equality; let the ship bridges be mixed, let a commander be female, whatever! Just make it proper equality, men, women, Wookies, on both sides. When social politics gets in the way of art then you’re killing art.

I think it would be remiss of me to mention that the movie advocates the violent actions of leftist protesters and ANTIFA, rampaging through what is essentially Space Vegas (of which all the police there are white males, I might add.)

Social engineering aside, the movie was lackluster. It has some nice twists and I love the Star Wars universe, however when I go to a movie I want to be absorbed into that world, something many films in Hollywood fail to achieve these days. If I’m consciously stopping myself from grabbing my phone or if I’m looking at my watch wondering how long the film has been going, that’s not a good sign.

Final thoughts on the film: I give it a resounding Meh. it has nice effects, cool fight scenes, some comedy, but it didn’t tie together well enough for me to want to see it again. If you want to see the film, wait for it on Netflix or pirate it. It’s not worthy for the cinema.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    I enjoyed the film actually, but you are totally right about the dumb social justice nonsense.

    It was obvious and shameless, the best part was when the blue haired feminist killed herself and became the first ever blue haired feminist to do anything useful, ever.

    I really want the First Order to win now and will be kind of disappointed if they don’t.

    Ignoring the dumb Leftard’s shoving their politics down our throats it was actually an awesome film.

    I just wish these morons would learn from Marvel and other failed SJW attempts, social justice kills businesses.

    • John Sheppard

      I had a similar experience, where the first part was just a bit drawn out, and given the length of the movie could definitely have been condensed. There were a few plot flaws, such as why not turn the main resistance cruiser against the first order as soon as all transports were clear? She was going to sacrifice herself anyway, so why wait? In fact, that strategy would be great anytime you realise you are in a “I’m screwed” situation, and I’m surprised it hasn’t be done before.

      It is hard not to see the SJW crap in movies and TV shows now. It has become so common place, I just go meh and move on with my life. Does make me less inclines to pay to go to the cinema. After all, it costs more than a month subscription to Neflix, and my couch is far more comfortable than those cinema seats! Plus $10 for a small drink and popcorn? I need to get my head examined.

      • Yeah agreed, I will tolerate social justice nonsense in Star Wars so long as it’s still fun.

        Any other franchise/film and I’ll demand my money back.

  • Concern4Future

    Send a message to Hollywood one torrent at a time.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      That’s not a bad idea actually, I see no moral qualm with stealing this movie.

      They believe social justice is a good idea and social justice is just communism, therefore any profit they make is actually evil by their own standards.

      Steal it and hand out copies to everyone know you, viva la equality!

      • I’d like to pirate it and edit in my own anti PC subtitles.

        • Razorback

          That would make for one hilarious film JB

        • Cate.

          Would love to see that.

      • Karen Dwyer


        An example of moral relativism; they like that. 🙂

  • Ryan Fletcher

    Disney has totally fucked over the franchise! (((They’ve))) written away the Skywalker bloodline in favour of a White heroine who appears to be having it off with the black guy. Walt Disney would be turning in his grave if he knew what (((they’ve))) been up to!

  • Ryan Fletcher

    A spoiler for anyone who hasn’t seen (((The Last Jedi)))….
    #TheLastJedi #CulturalMarxism #PostModernism #PoliticalCorrectness #TalmudicTreachery #Jews

  • Ryan Fletcher

    The only way this franchise could get any worse now, is if the First Order is overthrown for Galactic Republic 2.0 which is led by Rey’s disabled non-binary mulatto offspring (and I’m not even kidding)

  • White people = Evil
    Coloured people = Good
    Men = Evil
    Women = Good
    Disney = Evil

  • Robbie Jones

    It certainly brings a whole new level of appreciation for the prequels, which is saying something.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Good. Sounds like I haven’t missed anything by not watching this crap.

  • Robbie Jones

    The power of the original trilogy is at Iran heart, Star Wars was a story about the father son relationship and the redemption a father finds in his son and the power of that familial relationship to overcome great societal evil. There’s heavy biblical undertones and it stands for essential everything leftists hate.

    That’s why the Skywalker family is no more – on both Luke and Leia’s side. The only heir to that family line is corrupted and a fatherless woman is the now the central character.

    On another level, they are corrupting the mythology of Star Wars for the above reasons.

  • Shimon Ben Gurion