XYZ Fact Check: Secular or Muslim?


Editor’s note: Welcome to XYZ Fact Check, a segment designed to give their ABC the kind of scrutiny that Media Watch shies away from.  We would encourage readers to send in examples they can spot. This instalment looks back on this week’s intense episode of Q&A:

By Eh?nonymous

XYZ Fact Check: Q&A Monday the 18th of July 2016

Sam Dastyari is not actually a Muslim, despite his entire argument that Pauline Hanson discriminates against him because of his faith. His virtue signalling as an ‘oppressed Muslim’ was called into question by Ms. Hanson, who clearly had more information than the rest of us about Sam’s theological leanings. Not that I blame Sam for his secularism. We at the XYZ agree that Islam is way too cray cray to fully commit to, and prefer to sit around sipping Crown Lager and having a lark instead of sitting around blaming Jews, women, and gays for all of the world’s ills as well!


Speaking of Jews and those who want Israel wiped off the face of the planet, after Zaky Mallah and Duncan Storrar, the Q&A researchers have proven themselves embarrassingly incapable of using Google to vet their victim/hero poster children yet again. Khaled Elomar’s scared and confused 11-year-old son apparently doesn’t understand why people are so intolerant, presumably because of his old man’s fiery opinions on Jews:–hanson/news-story/aa99506920fc2247941288b5e68fa869

It’s your XYZ Fact Check…