XYZ Live #16 – The Australian Federal Budget, Pauline Hanson Preference Deal, Karl Marx and more!


David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life continue their unique brand of political commentary and philosophical debate in this week’s livestream. A case in point was the opening topic. This week saw the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, which led to a discussion of the usual problems of Marxist thought – millions of deaths – which in turn developed into a discussion of the character of Karl Marx, cycles of history from democracy to tyranny, and Universally Preferable Behaviour.

Other topics included:

  • The 2018 Australian Budget and the ABC’s big sook over so-called loss of funding
  • One Nation’s preference ultimatum to Bill Shorten regarding the Greens
  • The Iran nuclear deal and 4D Chess


Photo by deirdrechute

  • ] W. Hunter [

    Great commentary guys.
    It’s true about Turnbull, he just wanted to be Prime Minister, but he has no clue about really being a true PM.
    Much like the car chasing dog who has no idea what to do when the car actually stops and he has caught it.

    Anyway, looks like Bull Shitten is up next for PM.

    • Jai_Normosone

      As much as I hate to even think it, I fear that this grub is going to be the next PM. We went from someone I *thought* would do amazing things (Abbott) but he turned out to be so afraid of offending someone, he sat on the fence on (apparently) every single topic (I have to admit that that I was reliant on the media being objective and reporting the facts. Ha ha…. ha…. stupid me….).
      Then he gets stabbed by a CEO who, like every other CEO, knows jack shit about the business and the people in it and use the role as a CV padder for their next CEO role where they set new standards in how to fuck things up.
      Then we get to this criminally-minded grub (and I mean this in the context of “grub” in the most insulting way) who has committed rape and defrauded organisations over the years and somehow managed to remain coated in Teflon.
      Who is left that can be trusted to run the country? Di Natale? (sorry….you may clean the coffee from your screen (and nose) now).
      Each of these clowns has a 2IC that is female, thoroughly incompetent and sets new standards in stupid.
      This country is fucked.