XYZ Live #19 – Sonya Kruger, EU Copyright Law Censorship and Global Warming Madness


Topics covered on last night’s livestream with David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life included:

  • The impending political trial of Sonia Kruger for wrongthink against Islam, and the apparent belief of the Civil Administrative Tribunal that Islam is a race.
  • The attempt of the EU to effectively censor the internet – could this lead to a clash of the titans between globalist tech companies and globalist government?
  • The apparent belief of the so-called “Liberal” government that if it increases regulation on Australia’s car industry it will lead to a better deal for the Aussie consumer.

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Photo by rockcohen

  • Noachideous

    The Flag of the EU was designed with significant kosher input. Look it up. Like the clock face, it contains the numbers 12 and 5 …. for 17. 12×5 amounts to 60. That much cannot be refuted, and the Word EL …. 5 12 also amounts to 60. EL is another WORD name for GOD 26 .

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    The EU is another kosher Conjob, and an exploitative vector of control and manipulation designed to leverage the will of that which was made undead in 1948..

    That which was made undead in 1948 was paid for significantly with the Blood of Dead White Men….. of AngloCeltic, Slavic, Germanic and Nordic heritage.

    Other races should likewise defend the honor of their own ancestors and Kinfolk by simply ….. Speaking the Truth… about the reasons for WW1 and WW2.

    You know they’d want us to…..

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      EU is definitely not kosher, Israel is 1 member and there are 56 Muslims members, EU is constantly condemning Israel for protecting the land that the EU gave them!

      • Noachideous

        You must mean the UN rather than the EU.

        The jews are doing their slipperous best to slither their way in, though they’ve already in burrowed deep within the flesh, mind and body of a largely oblivious and indifferent Europe .

        Those who remain oblivious to the designs of the jews are destined for oblivion.

        Just had to go through 10 pages of fkn street signs to get here.

        We here hurt a lot on the inside sometimes, and its not because of
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        Watch this.

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        • Bikinis not Burkas

          Sorry I did mean the UN.