XYZ Live #39 – It’s NOT OK to be White or give Australians a say on Immigration


It has been a big week in Australian politics. Pauline Hanson put a motion to parliament that #It’sOkToBeWhite. Fraser Anning tried to put a motion to parliament calling for a plebiscite on immigration. Both were predictably shot down by the out of touch Canberra insiders.

But then the Libs lost Wentworth and their one seat majority in the lower house. All of a sudden those mavericks could find they are punching above their weight.

It made for an interesting discussion.

  • Bucky Redux

    Thanks for the video, Gentlemen.

    The White races have been targeted for destruction.

    Nothing wrong with a White Australia policy, bring it back.
    (but our current steaming turd-pile of cowardly politicians wont, they don’t have a spine or set of balls between them; the quivering toadying jellybacks are beholden to their Chinese overlords)

    You don’t hear the moronic lefties screaming Japan for the Japanese is racist/China for the Chinese is racist/India for the Indians is racist. Hypocrites.

  • Bucky Redux

    Starship Troopers: “The only good bug is a dead bug”.
    It was a great movie, drawn from the SF book by Heinlein.
    There were a lot of fantastic SF writers in the 30’s thru 50’s, who embraced the idea of a Utopian future, powered by space exploration and atomic energy.
    heinlein. Bradbury. Asimov. Van Vogt. PK Dick…..on and on.
    What a time it must have been to be alive in those visionary, energetic optimistic post WW2 years.

  • Noachideous

    This is worth a look. How do YT friends of isreal reconcile the israelly cool establishment’s racial activism that will see the end of self determination for White ….. People….

    The kewlest establishments in that clique would be the ADL ADC of the B+B and the ECAJ.

    Does the HuWhite … establishment … elitist …… Prig ….. examine its own image in the mirror of solipsis…. and affirm that ….in and by his or her own image…. this image in itself, represents proof positive and sure confirmation that the destiny of an entire people… of which the her/him is but one fractal ……. is thus secure.?

    And does the fact that itz 10 000 … 20 000 … x 000 year history of …..being …. even matter any more ? Does anything …. matter … any more ? ….. to the establishment … Prig.

    Over and above an opportunity to virtue signal and wail about muh Tommy Atkins’ kinfolk’s ……”sacrifice”… on ANZAC day. As so many do.

    They are …. Filthe….engaged in ritual self abuse. …… That is all.