XYZ Live #41 – This week on “It’s OK to be White” plus Real News!


David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life briefly summarised some of the major news this week:

  • The spread of the #ItsOkayToBeWhite meme is becoming another choice way of triggering leftists in Australia and America.
  • Gab is back up.
  • Donald Trump is sending tanks to the US border with Mexico ahead of the US midterms, as a display of intent towards the conveniently timed migrant caravan.

This provided the context for our analysis of two key articles:

  • An attempted ABC hit piece against the Proud Boys and their founder, Gavin McInnes.
  • An unintentionally hilarious piece by Tim Soupbum, which accidentally makes the same points about identity politics that we in the independent media have been making for several years.

The left know a political confrontation is coming, thus they are scrambling to do what they always do – frame the narrative.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Do not be naive, the goal is not the US, because Trump will not let them in, the goal is Mexico, flooding caravans of illegal immigrants, destroying Mex and will be another peon for the globalists, because of the domino effect they can unbalance the US and all of Latin America , the same thing that is happening in Europe, if they destabilize Spain with the massive Africanization using the Soros-Globalista Sanchez peon can destabilize their neighbors, these people are like the vermin do not attack directly if they do not go around the bush until catch, hunt and devour their prey.
    It is the same as they did with Iraq, Syria and Libya, and all the future invasion of Europe by domino effect, Gaddafi said, Libya is the wall of protection to the African invasion of Europe, for that reason planned they eliminated it, now there are the consequences that the globalists sought (Zionism).

  • McMansplainer

    hi nibbas. this may be old news, but JIC you haven’t heard: Cory Bernadi reads you guys. Said so about 23 minutes into episode 22 of his podcast.