XYZ Live #42 – WWI Centenary; Daniel Andrews sells out to China; Bourke Street Diversity Incident


Topics covered in last night’s livestream:

  • The Bourke Street Diversity Incident and Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s naming of Islamic terrorism as the culprit.
  • Dick Ears Dan Andrews selling out Victoria to communist China by signing up to the One Belt, One Road scam.
  • How Australia is throwing away its heritage and wasting the sacrifices of the ANZACs as a result.
  • Emmanuel Macron shows his true globalist colours by labelling nationalism as treason.


  • Taipan
    • Parasites.

    • Bucky Redux

      ALA are formed/backed by the Chosenites. No need for further explanation.

      • Taipan

        Avi is your leader you filthy goyim.

        • Bucky Redux

          oy vey !

  • James

    Interesting livesstream guys.
    On the point of Morrisons response to the religion of peace display in Melbourne. Yes agree his main response was welcome but isn’t the “we can manage it” thing so damn tedious.
    It’s a common belief of socialists and technocrats. “We can manage it”.
    It’s the belief that lets them throw caution to the wind with policy and law making. Allows them to be guided by emotion and immediate want.

    Your talk about ww1 made me think a bit about why I can’t seem to get interested in ANZAC day anymore.
    Used to take an interest. Even performed the dawn service as a young reserve private thirty something years ago. That was something. The old boys were there.
    But today it grates on me when I see the same polititians and media personalities who’re ruining the country and lecturing us involving themselves in it. It’s an affront to what it’s about.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Our most anti-patriotic people are trying to lecture us about patriotism. At the French service, Macron went to shake an old soldiers hand and the soldier asked him why he’s letting all the migrants in.

      • James

        A just question.

  • Bucky Redux

    Interesting range of subjects you guys covered, thanks.

    I gather that David and Matty, you are in Melbourne ?
    Better start taking language lessons in Mandarin, boys !

    With the Chinese infrastructure/belt road/port deal that Andrews is doing, it probably is likely that Melbourne will get increased visits from Chinese naval or strategic assets.
    China is pushing for an increased presence in Antarctica to expand their influence, so I can see that Melbourne ports would be well placed for the Chinese as a supply base, among other political motivations.
    When you mentioned the large Indian/Chinese diaspora in Melbourne (Sydney too) I wonder how this will play out in future.
    China and India are not on the best of terms that I know of, and if their tensions escalate in the next few decades, these tensions could flow into the Indian/Chinese ethnic populations in Australia.
    Race war becomes a possibility in that scenario, or at least severe tensions and disharmony.

    Thanks for the livestream, very comprehensive.

    墨尔本是一个很好的城市, 但你最好学会说普通话。

    丹尼尔安德鲁斯 10号, 国家主席习近平1号

  • Noachideous

    Can’t stop thinkin’ about ………… Billy Shorten’s Bitch Tits.

    • Bucky Redux

      He likes Soy products, as it helps to develop his man milkers.