XYZ Live #43 – Victoria decides its future, bigots silence Christian Magazine and Brexit betrayed!


Does the upcoming Victorian state election matter? It is important to kick out a Labor government which committed voter fraud and cosied up to unions to get elected, is soft on African gang crime and Islamic terrorism, and has overseen one of the most abusive education policies in Australia.

Yet a Liberal replacement, even if it is manned by real conservatives who can make the streets safer, punish Antifa terrorism and make sensible infrastructure decision, can at best only manage the demographic catastrophe which is besetting Australia due to our genocidal immigration levels.

David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern life discuss this, as well as Australia’s housing bubble, speech suppression against a wedding magazine, Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal, the new Grindewald movie and more.


  • Staalbal

    Well boys, Oz will be signing up in December to refugees (economic shoppers) and immigration. Watch this space. In a few years time, this is our future: read and weep (Christian, Agnostic or Atheist).

  • thegentlemantroll

    Off-topic: But the veteran shitlord of Australian cartooning and blogging Larry Pickering has smoked his last durrie. A rare artistic talent, Larry had no peer when it came to depicting the graceless nude form of Julia Gillard wearing a strap-on dildo. You can pay your respects at

  • Ryan

    I voted party-line Democratic Labour Party (DLP) this election. Their platform supports Distributism as the economic ideology for Victoria, which supports things like social credit (as promoted and supported by ALOR) and anti-usury laws.

    Distributism is hostile to both socialism and capitalism.

    • Taipan

      Social Credit…oy vey!

      • Ryan

        Yeah the Australian League of Rights hasn’t been known to be the biggest friends of the Jews. Still have a bunch of C. H. Douglas publications in my library, as well as Dr. Duke’s book “My Awakening”.

  • Bumpstock

    0935 EDST: Well Victoria is fucked. If we didn’t need any confirmation that place is the NPC capital of Australia. Nuke Melbourne, enter codes now…..