XYZ Live #44 – Democracy Fails in Victoria and Gavin McInnes ditches the Proud Boys


In last night’s livestream, David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life made a strong case for following a nationalist policy in the wake of the Liberal’s disastrous result in the Victorian election.

Likewise with Gavin McInnes leaving the proud boys, we made the case for going full nash.


  • shlomo goldstein financial

    Gavin McInnes is a top goy! You don’t really need white nationalism, Now get back to watching mindless entertainment and reality TV

    • Bucky Redux

      Yes, Mr. Goldstein Financial, right you are.
      Just watching my favourite movie now, from a Mr. Spielberg….it’s terrible about the 600 million….

      • shlomo goldstein financial

        Oy gevalt! You can never forget those 6 billion shekels coming in annually!

  • Bumpstock

    Anyone got their refund from AE Media yet? 🙁

  • Repeal fake marriage

    And in other news, Taiwan has overwhelmingly rejected fake marriage. But you won’t see that in any msm here any time soon, I imagine.