XYZ Live #49 – The St Kilda Beach Rally Special


The St Kilda Nazi Beach Party dominated last night’s livestream, as David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life dissected the event and its aftermath to get to the truth about what really happened. Key points covered:

  • The Roman Salutes plastered all over the front pages of Australian newspapers were actually meant in jest.
  • The excellent speech by Blair Cottrell.
  • Peaceful patriots contrasted against violent Antifa.
  • Fraser Anning standing firm against demands to disavow the rally and its organisers.
  • The continual portrayal by the MSM of Australian conservative activists as “nazis” is slander which could have serious legal repercussions.


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  • thegentlemantroll

    Next protest should be at MSM hq. They should know that no one believes they are impartial observers

  • David

    The MSM also conveniently ignore that Antifa is an actual terrorist group according to some jurisdictions.

    • Bumpstock

      That’s because they support them.

  • Bucky Redux

    “The continual portrayal by the MSM of Australian conservative activists as “nazis” is slander which could have serious legal repercussions.”

    Class legal action, maybe. Anyone who was at the rally could sue for slander/libel or discrimination of some sort, perhaps ? Take the fight to the slimy MSM.
    They are already on the ropes with falling patronage/readers.

    • David

      While we at it, can we also take action against groups like the Socialist Alternative and Antifa who arbitrarily classify people as Nazis. I am sure that they would be all too willing to redistribute their wealth to the working class /s.

      • Jamie Blank

        Sadly, no.

        They have redefined “working class” to be “welfare class” and “immigrant class”. This is why the working class in America voted for Trump.

  • Ryan

    Two notable things which John Howard and I have in common:
    1. We’ve both been called “Nazis”
    2. We were born on the 26th of July (same day and name of Castro’s movement that overthrew Batista).
    Death to the Bolsheviks!

    • Bucky Redux

      Ryan, maybe the 3rd synchronicity will be that you become Prime Minister…( but not the Libs, please )

    • Jamie Blank

      Didn’t even iron that shirt. Fresh out of the pack. Slacker.

    • Bumpstock

      The tears Howard made leftists shed are priceless.

      His main achievements?
      – Stopping the boats
      – Taking on the corrupt, Marxist unions, especially the waterfront traitors
      – Removing compulsory unionism, especially student unionism
      – Oversaw a booming economy
      – Abolished ATSIC and the useless Commonwealth Employment Service
      – Defended Western Civilization in the Culture Wars
      – Did not condemn/denounce the patriots of Cronulla December 2005
      – Did not apologise for a “stolen generation” that never was (10% is NOT a generation)

      – first and foremost, his administration oversaw the influx of large amounts of African “refugees” and immigrants
      – immigration remained relatively high
      – housing crisis/affordability continued unabated
      – Pauline Hanson imprisoned after setting his dog Abbott on her with his (((Australians for Honest Politics Donors))))
      – Jumped headfirst into Zionist wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

      Did I miss anything from either list? Please explain!