XYZ Live #56 – Jordan Peterson “DESTROYS” Feminists on Q&A and the David Icke Debacle


Jordan Peterson’s appearance on their ABC’s QandA on Monday night may not have provided the fireworks that some may have hoped for but it provided plenty of food for thought. In particular:

  • The horrendous deflection and gaslight tactics employed by far left feminist Terri Butler and far far left feminist Van Badham, whenever questions were raised regarding feminism’s victimisation of males.
  • Jordan Peterson displayed why he is approved opposition, because any discussion of race was completely off the table.

In the latter stages of the livestream we covered:

  • The Australian government’s denial of a visa for David Icke.
  • A few choice words for Julie Nathan and ECAJ.

  • Bumpstock reloaded

    Did Antifa show outside the ABC or any other JP venues?

  • Bucky Redux

    Matty, when you say they can’t censor the internet: there is some bad actor fuckery going on now with the DNS of websites world wide to enable the tampering & takeover of web addresses.
    I’m not across the nerdy details, but it’s possible XYZ may be taken off line at some stage.
    Is there a backup XYZ site ?

    • I’m not over the nerdy stuff either but my point was even if they get rid of the XYZ there are already several other similar sites nobody has heard of and more will spring up.

      We are a multi-headed hydra.

      Worst case if we weren’t able to recover XYZ it would be a matter of starting a new website, this would be a major setback but would only succeed in slowing us down and it would ultimately fail.

    • Stiffbastard

      More likely are injections of fake news between site and end user.