XYZ Live #59 – Fraser Anning still refuses to Cuck for telling the TRUTH!


Last night was probably the most important livestream we have done. David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life make the case that free speech regarding immigration, Islam and white replacement must be allowed, and a democratic solution to these issues must be made available.

  • Bucky Redux

    Very fascinating range of subjects covered, the next few years in Australia promise to be very interesting, to put it mildly.
    Strap yourselves in !

  • Doc79

    Can’t read article about Anning on Zero Hedge, it’s been geo blocked.

    • nurse crackerass

      if you are in Australia, get a VPN. Your internet browsing data is collected and stored for a minimum of 2 years. It’s a no brainer. The cost is a cuppa per month or a sandwich if you want it with tor. Try protonvpn. They also do totally anonymous email. Hardly any solid companies available to the public do this and it is in a country with excellent privacy law. You must have seen enough by now to know mas surveillance is in place and they will go for the low hanging fruit.

  • clemilf

    Aussibroadband is not subject to geoblocking… yahoo

  • belt

    The psycho left fears Senator Anning – the MSM frothing at the mouth, pollies are having a go, even parasitic turd maker mayek calling for tribal violence. All are in frenzy attack mode.
    They fear the fact that Anning represents the silent majority – the #1 enemy of the socialist left.
    Reminds me of the 2016 US elections.

  • James

    Just noticed a story on RT about Morrison calling for internet censorship. Getting a beating in the comments. Have no doubt it’ll be the same everywhere.

    He’s really turned out to be a dill hasn’t he.

    From your discussion I’d say don’t despair guys. Yes I agree things are going to get worse but they have to. I’m actually feeling more positive and have for some time Peak stupid’s approaching.

    I’m remembering things my father said of the lead up to the last depression. He said people got a bit silly before that and the event when it came sorted a lot of problems out.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Good dialogue, but .. Supremacist power elite has already thrown the cards, they are not interested in the dialogue, the censorship will get worse until …