XYZ Live #6 – South African Genocide, the Australian Cricket Teams tour, Censorship And Free Trade


Should the Australian cricket team boycott South Africa in protest over the impending expropriation of Afrikaaner land, ie, the next stage of the South African genocide?

This question and more are discussed by David Hiscox, Matty’s Modern Life and Magnus O’Mallon from the Australian Freedom of Speech Movement in the XYZ Livestream #6. Other topics included a debate over whether tarrifs should be imposed by the US against China, and the rise of free speech video platform Bitchute.


  • Concern4Future

    What is about to happen in South Africa will be immeasurably worse than apartheid.

    • Apartheid wasn’t even that bad, it resulted in a prosperous nation that other Africans wanted to get into desperately.

      Given what’s happened since I’d say it was justified too.