XYZ’s Civil War


The XYZ has a Civil War – just read the comments.

This is great news. Seriously.

In the days when the XYZ was being conceived, one of the aspirations was to create a forum for discussion of ideas.

This might be phrased as seeking to create a marketplace for ideas, where the best ideas win.

For this reason, the Civil War around the merits of Jordan Peterson ticks a lot of boxes for me.

is he a globalist shill? Heck, is he left or right? It’s a thought provoking discussion – and one I am glad to see being had.

I abhor echo chambers where groupthink prevails – so I see this as a sign of health for the XYZ.

Never stop thinking, discussing, testing your ideas. You just might find you change, or evolve as you discover new ideas. That is a key part of red-pilling itself.

Editor: If you have missed the debate or want to skim over the main points and the comments section, here are the posts (although not in strict chronological order) in order of their publication on The XYZ:

Not only is Jordan Peterson not an alpha male, he’s a member of the left intelligentsia – Adam Piggott

The exposure of the real Jordan Peterson – Adam Piggott

The War Has Already Started, Professor – David Hilton

Three Voices That Shouldn’t Be Ignored: Peterson, McGrath & Hitchens On Faith, Society & Ideology – Rod Lampard

Thought for the Day: Why Adam Piggott is right – David Hiscox

We can never have enough enemies – Adam Piggott

In defence of Jordan Peterson, sort of – Matty’s Modern Life

The likelihood is that you are not red-pilled – Adam Piggott

Liberal democracy is socialism – David Hilton

Jordan Peterson, globalist shill – Adam Piggott

It’s your XYZ.

  • I don’t need your civil war
    It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
    Your power hungry sellin’ soldiers
    In a human grocery store
    Ain’t that fresh
    I don’t need your civil war.

    • Tele Synth

      Matty’s opening gambit has stunned the crowd and Piggott’s legal team are googling Miley Cyrus lyrics. This sure win for Adam has started to falter even at this early stage.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Gee, thanks for that. Now I am trying to recite the lyrics while imagining a peg on my nose (the noise that comes out of the lead singer whose name escapes me right at this moment…)

  • entropy

    Don’t mention the war!

    Oh… you didn’t. You’re just referring to the posturing around Peterson.

    That’s not a war. Noone was banned. XYZ didn’t abandon one of its fundamental principles. David is even chipping in rather than pretending it didn’t happen.

    If you really do abhor echo chambers and groupthink, Keating, you’ve picked an odd time to brag about it.

  • ] W. Hunter [

    I’ve an idea……those indulging in civil war can be sent to a “Fun Camp”.

    To learn to “get along”. Red cabins and Blue cabins.

    The “Fun Camps” for adults that were envisaged by Hillary Clinton a few years back.

    “Fun macht Sie frei” will be writen above the gates…….
    Adolf ran some fun camps of his own in WW 2.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Surely there are better people that can be sent to the “fun camps”?
      I have think of a couple of hundred who flew into Canberra last night that would be good experiments in “re-education” (to bring them to thinking in the public interest instead of their own….)

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