Yassmin Abdel-Magied in a spot of bother, how sad


So everyone’s second favourite “Australian” Muslim (behind Waleed Aly) Yassmin Abdel-Magied has been the subject of a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission about her tweets.

Oh dear. What a shame.

I’m devastated.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

At this time it’s not apparent which comments made by the flamboyant attention seeker are the subject of this complaint, and considering the amount of offensive material put out by Australia’s least favourite former resident it’s kind of hard to pin down which statement she’s being pulled up on.

Considering how absurdly broad the purview of the AHRC is when it comes to policing “offensive” political speech it could be for any number of things.

Her offensive comments on Anzac Day, her offensive comments on Remembrance Day, her offensive comments comparing Australia to an abusive boyfriend, her offensive comments saying White Australians have no right to complain about the crime wave perpetuated by her fellow African immigrants in Melbourne because we are all “descended from convicts”, it could even have been her offensive comments stating that the Australian House of Representatives had too many White people in it, but most likely in my view was the offensive conversation she had with fellow Muslim, suspected troglodyte and Junkee editor Osman Faruqi where they celebrated “White people getting F*cked” and laughed that Whites needed to go back where they came from.

To be honest it could be something else entirely that I missed. Yassmin has manufactured an entire public profile by making offensive comments about the people, institutions and the culture of Anglo-Celtic Australia and then basking in the warm glow of praise then heaped on her by self-hating, middle class Leftists.

But that’s the problem when you make causing offense a crime. Yassmin and others like her never for a second would have considered that any of the state or federal laws used to pursue the likes of Bill leak, Andrew Bolt or the QUT students would apply to her. Such laws only apply to those in designated “oppressor” groups.

The far Left online news outlet Pedestrian TV exemplified the reaction of most of middle class bien pensant Australia when it expressed shock that making such a complaint against Yassmin was even possible at all.

Yassmin’s immediate response was to publish a couple of dozen tweets complaining about how oppressed she is and snarkily commenting that for someone to have made a complaint they “must have a lot of time on their hands.”

Daily telegraph opinion editor Tim Blair quite rightly responded that she had more time on her hands than cartoonist Bill Leak did, considering he spent the last year of his life and the very end of his energy fighting a spurious complaint from the same organisation. A complaint of course cheered on by Leftists like Yassmin.

Overall it’s been hilarious. Watching the stunned and outraged reaction from Leftists has brought a distinct grin to my face and a spring to my step. It’s always pleasurable when some of the worst people in Western society find themselves genuinely discomforted by something.

By the way, is there a Muslim bloke out there willing to jump on a grenade and marry Yassmin? Judging from a recent interview she gave in Britain I think a lot of her need to be obnoxious stems from the fact that as an unmarried virgin in her late twenties she has some… steam to blow off.

No? Ah well.

The more depressing response has come from some conservatives I know, who were outraged that someone had made a complaint to such an evil organisation using such noxious anti-free speech laws. It’s enough to make you want to grab such people and shake them until their misguided sense of self-righteous nobility falls out and cracks like a rotten egg on the ground.

I hope, I genuinely pray that time will come when the Right in Australia stops pretending that politics and the wider Culture War is some sort of gentleman’s sport where the aim is to play hard but fair within the rules before shaking hands and congratulating the other side on their game.

The only way the abominations that are Australia’s state and federal “hate speech” laws will be repealed is if they are made to hurt Leftists. The Left doesn’t care if such laws affect free speech as long as the free speech affected is yours. They don’t give a damn about your complaints or your ringing denunciations of hypocrisy because they are more than willing to be hypocrites if it means beating you into submission.

Right wingers in this country have been pointing out Leftist hypocrisy for decades and the net result has been nothing at all. The Left genuinely don’t care because in the semi-religious cosmology they’ve had pumped into their heads for the entirety of their conscious lives, you and everyone who thinks like you is evil and only when you are gone can goodness flourish. If being a touch hypocritical is the price to pay for winning when the stakes are that high then they are more than happy to pay it.

Meanwhile, the mentality of most of the Right is to think that this is some sort of old-fashioned county cricket match where everyone plays within the spirit of the rules and you only need to point out that the other chap is behaving a bit caddishly for him to pull himself into line.

We don’t need one complaint against the likes of Yassmin Abdel-Magied, we need hundreds, thousands. We need to swamp the AHRC in dump trucks full of paper complaining about every offensive statement made by a Leftist towards Australia or Australians in any format to the point where it chokes.

Even if of none of these complaints were upheld (which would be highly likely) it would force the commission to make explicit what until now has only been implicit, that these laws (and by extension the charge of “racism” itself) only apply to Right-wing White people.

To see how this works in action one only needs to look to the mask-ban during demonstrations recently imposed by the State government of Victoria. Left wing extremists, in particular Anarchists and others affiliated with the terrorist group “Antifa” had been covering their faces in order to conduct violence against both law enforcement officers and political opponents since at least the early 90s. No matter how the Police Association complained, no government Left or Right gave much of a damn or saw it as much of a priority.

Then a few years ago Right wing patriot groups began wearing masks as well, notably while defending themselves against an attack by a mob of masked far-Left thugs in Coburg in May 2016. Images of people with masks on both sides were splashed all over the nightly bulletins and the front pages of the newspapers, only this time it was clear that one side was right wing.

All of a sudden there was bipartisan support for a ban on masks at demonstrations. Nobody on the mainstream left cared about masks and leftist violence when it was only their side doing it. But having the right copy the left suddenly roused the Victorian ALP government to action.

The extreme left can no longer commit their crimes of violence, vandalism and intimidation as anonymously as before and as a result the scale of leftist violence in Melbourne (while of course not eliminated) has decreased. The patriots might have been sad to put their Aussie flag bandannas away but for a large chunk of the Anarchist types, wearing masks and causing mayhem was the whole reason they turned up.

If the Right had stuck to complaining about how cowardly and criminal the Leftists were for hiding their faces (just as they had for at least the previous two decades) nothing would have changed. Change only comes when you force the Left to change, and usually that only happens when you show the Left that you can play their game just as well as they can.

This is why if you see or hear anyone from the Right bemoan the fact that even poor, sainted, innocent Yassmin has become the victim of our anti-free speech laws you should pull them up and correct them.

We live in a world where the Left is the establishment and they have no intention of playing fair. One of the only ways to effect meaningful change is to turn their own guns back at them, throw away the fictional rulebook (that only the Right seems to have copies of) and raise the black flag.

We are in a battle for our civilisation and the opposition are motivated, dedicated and in it to win by hook or by crook. It’s time to start thinking likewise.Photo by Erin Maclean

  • Grant Summers

    Interesting how Yassmin’s mind is boggled by complaints being hypocritical. It’s the freaking law of the land Yassmin. Take a look at section 18C of our Racial Discrimination Act if you don’t believe me. We are not hypocrites, we don’t get to chose which laws we follow, an offense is an offense. End of story.

  • Addelad

    The gist of your article – the need to counter Leftism any way possible – is fine. However, every synapse created to contain any and all data connected with that towel-haired bitch is a synapse that might have had a more noble purpose – wondering about the ideal shape and odour of dog faeces for example.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Ha ha ha! Suck pork you stupid vile muslimist.

  • LeftRightOut67

    Totally agree with your arguments here – give these dills as much grief as possible using their own gov funded & operated pograms as possible.
    But, puleeze, never actually stop them from spouting their particularly self defeating utterances.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    “So everyone’s second favourite “Australian” Muslim”
    Wash your mouth out, sorry wash your typing fingers!
    She is not a friend of Australia but is a friend of this one:-
    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-16/australia-under-attack-by-a-group-of-muslim-men,-judge/9453516 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cfc90d6893add522c6bac414207f8b42e155ba1707087859a6abde525bc63d4c.jpg

  • I had no idea that that was the history of the masking complaints. I’ve always considered the wearing of masks in public to be an ignoble practice. If the complaints only commenced when the non-commies started adopting it, then this is truly telling on the weakness / bias of our current political class.

    Australians need to wake up to the fact that police are at best simply thoughtless automatons and would enforce the very worst against all of us without shame in order to keep their superannuation plus leave loading. These are not public servants….these are servants of ZOG who like to have lawful excuse to use a firearm (which not incidentally, none of us do since the Port Author “incident”).

    Policemen are the same in every country. The question is not whether they are corrupt but whether their country is one where corruption is permitted/celebrated/indulged in without sanction. And a non-corrupt policeman can still be hungry to jail someone for expressing their honestly held political opinion, because the law allows and encourages him to do so.

    Unfortunately, despite cogent and continued evidence that should lead otherwise, we tend to trust the police. It is a real albeit small comfort that our judges are still far more rational than the average citizen (who of course make up our juries). Yes, it is grating when judge only trials result almost immediately in acquittals (such as the Chaney case)

    Few of us seem to realise that we are heading to a cliff in this country. We aren’t at Weimar levels but the cliff will decide if we get there.

    The more that ‘Heritage Australians’ buy into the government / msm line and the closer we will get there. .

    • Tele Synth

      > we tend to trust the police.

      Something I learnt the hard way as police encouraged an abusive neighbour to take me to magistrate’s court TWICE. Now I hate the police and their arrogance because people are expected to trust them.

      Yes ASIO, get the police on to me.

  • Jael

    I can tell youve read Alinsky. Using the rules of the establishment against them, how dare you?