Yellow journalist Frank Chung thinks white people don’t exist


You know how you put your fingers up in the air when you say something that you don’t think really exists, like:

‘Trustworthy’ politicians

Black ‘technology’

Female ‘footballers’

Gay ‘parents’

‘White’ people

That last one isn’t from me. I’m pretty sure white people exist. Let’s take a look.

family christmas photo

Yep, it looks to me like they exist. Frank Chung at blog doesn’t think so though.


Maybe ‘Frank’ thinks the farmers aren’t being targeted because they’re white. They could be targeted for some other reason.

SA farm murder compilation #1

SA farm murder compilation #2

Well they were all white so that theory isn’t looking too good.

Yep they’re white. No ‘Frank’, I think these white people are being targeted because they’re white.

The reason this issue has suddenly hit the mainstream is because first Tucker Carlson and then the president have brought it into the normiesphere.

The European-style socialists immediately lost it.

To be fair to ‘Frank’ though, at least he’s covering it. I suspect that he wrote the piece originally without quotations, and his rootless cosmopolitan editor added them in before publication.

When ‘Frank’ posted the article on his Twitter, the quotation marks were gone.

In fact, I suspect Frank is crypto-alt-lite. He covers a lot of the topics that alt-media outlets like XYZ and The Unshackled do, and although his tone is often neutral or slightly hostile, he’s bringing these topics into the normie media nonetheless.

He’s even helping kosher butt plug enthusiast Gavin McInnes sell tickets.

And our Nige.

He even takes a few shots at Moscow Central in our neo-Bolshevik dystopia – the universities.

Frank has definitely popped a few redpills. He’s part of a trend of BASED ASIANS who are looking at the low-IQ shitholes that Western countries are becoming and deciding that if the neo-Marxists aren’t stopped then their real estate portfolios might take a hit in the long term.

What’s the point of buying countries like Australia and turning their cities into Singapores if purple-haired land-whale millennials are just going to fill them up with savages before you take full possession?

Some of these BASED ASIANS become even more enthusiastic about white nationalism than white nationalists.

Hank Yoo

‘Hank’ just wants the South to rise again. With Asians.

‘Hank’ is not alone in his fondness for white men.

Ling loves white cock

We at XYZ are not sure Ling has thought through whether he’d enjoy living in a resurgent Confederacy of the South. Maybe he’s got a plan.

As with everything they put their big nibba minds to, BASED ASIANS are highly skilled shitposters.

Even if they are ideologically incoherent. Ultimately, I feel sorry for people like ‘Frank’, ‘Hank’ and Ling. They’ve been raised in societies which had a European culture, language, belief systems and demographic majority, and told all their lives that they are the same as the people who were already here when their families arrived. The difficult truth for them is that they are not.

We are not all the same. Ethnicity matters, and it is comprised of both physical (racial) and non-physical elements (culture, language, faith, shared history). This truth cannot be wished away, and we wouldn’t want it to be.

People like ‘Frank’ may well have been raised here, speak Strine, be Christian and know of our history and heritage. But they are still racially Chinese, Korean or Tamil. That is their biological identity.

Like many in the dissident right, I have come to accept that there is a demographic tipping point beyond which our society will be destroyed should foreigners keep coming here. I think we’re past that point already.

That’s not a statement of hate, just reality.

This nation was founded as a British country, ‘Frank’, as an expression of the spirit of white people. We exist. And if we disappear, then so will the culture, language and lifestyle you love so much.

And you should fight that.